It’s been a long, hard winter and so now spring is dropping a few hints, you’re probably thinking of ways in which you can claw back some of the money you spent on heating and cooking in the last few months. Of course, buying your heating oil from companies such as Emo Oil is a good start, but you can carry on saving even after your tank has been filled up. Try some of these tips – your bank balance will appreciate it! Aim for the right temperature The integral thermometer on the AGA is notoriously off kilter, so just… View Post

It’s been almost five years since I started this blog.  It began during the summer holidays back in 2013 as a hobby for me, to give me something to focus on as we were trying (and failing) to conceive our second child.  O was about the age that G is now and posts largely focused on raising a toddler, with a few work posts thrown in.  Those early posts make me cringe and smile in roughly equal measure, but that’s where I was in my life and that was what I wrote about. As I found a little community within… View Post

It’s been almost a year since we received the planning permission for the new extension to our home and even though we’re now four weeks into the build it still feels very surreal that it is actually happening.  We have spent so many hours planning, discussing, making decisions, it is really exciting to see things starting to actually happen. We have always loved our house but with two growing boys and a fully open plan layout downstairs it was starting to feel that we were a little on top of each other.  The extension will bring us a large kitchen/dining/family… View Post

Two weeks running for me and my Little Love posts, I’m feeling quite proud of myself.  Okay, I may be a bit late in the day with it but better late than never!  How has your week been?  We seem to have come through the Beast from the East pretty unscathed.  There was enough cold and snow showers to be a bit of a pain (and halt extension proceedings for a day or two) but not enough to warrant a full on proper snow day which was a bit disappointing. Read Mostly weather reports, with fingers crossed a huge snow… View Post