How to tell if Your Child is Happy at School

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. Every parent hopes that their child is happy at school and enjoys learning. However, this may not always be the case and some children can find school a very challenging environment. To help you assess your child’s happiness at school, it is important to talk with your child regularly about their day and observe your child’s behaviour. Here is some helpful advice from Mount House School on some behaviour to look out for… 1. When your child arrives home from school, are they keen to tell you about their day. Do they want to share interesting facts that they have learnt in the classroom? This is a good…

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Between-Baby Storage Solutions

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. Image by Josh Willink – CC0 License Let’s face it mums; baby stuff is extortionate. By the time you’ve brought everything you need for a new arrival, you could be looking at debt and credit card bills through the roof. There are nappies and bottles, as well as bottle sterilisers and Moses baskets. And that’s before we even mention the number of clothes a baby needs. Clothes that, by the way, they’ll grow out of in what seems like a matter of days. Being a new parent is an expensive time, alright.  That’s why,…

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Does My Child Need a Tutor

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. We all want our children to have the best education, achievegood grades and succeed academically, but what if you begin to notice that their grades are slipping or that your child is reluctant to go to school? Is it time to consider the services of a private tutor to get them back on track? There are a number of benefits in hiring a private tutor. They can support your child in learning a particular subject or help to improve their overall academic abilities. When your child feels more confident in their knowledge and skills this can help to boost their self-confidence, as well as their performance at school. If…

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3 Tips for Choosing the Right School for Your Child

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. Choosing the right school for your child can feel like amassive responsibility and can be a stressful experience for parents. There are so many considerations such as location, facilities and school inspection results. To help relieve some of the pressure involved in choosing the right school for your child, St Hilda’s in Harpenden have put together these three helpful tips… 1. Start your search for the right school by making a list of what is most important to both you and your child. It is vitally important to listen to your child and their opinions and feelings about their new school. After all, they are the ones who…

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How to Encourage Good Study Habits in Your Child

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. As a parent, you’re probably keen for your child to succeed in school. You can play a part in that by promoting good study habits in your children from a young age. By displaying a positive attitude towards school and encouraging a desire to learn, your child is sure to become determined and enthusiastic about their education. I have teamed up with a prep school in Somerset to offer parents some advice on how to create a home environment that stimulates good study habits. Sticking to a routine is wise, because it will help your child understand what…

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