Photo Credit Deciding how to decorate a child’s bedroom is not always easy. They change their minds from one month to the next, especially when they are young and fall in an out of love with TV and film characters. Unless you want to be redecorating every year you need to make sure that what you do is flexible for minor changes, and durable to withstand the children. They tend to use their bedrooms for a playroom, to watch TV, entertain friends and then to sleep. It needs to be able to accommodate all of these things, as well as… View Post

Photo Credit We’re all guilty of sneaking a peak when we walk past windows which face onto the pavement. Who doesn’t want a glimpse of how other people live their lives? There’s something thrilling about a peek at what other people are watching on television. You may even be in the habit of collecting ideas for your interiors. With the nights closing in, these peeks become even more satisfying. With the lights on, those rooms are like beacons in the night. But, what if your windows face onto a pavement like this? Having people staring in can get boring. While… View Post

People usually buy their first home based on their budget, and not their long term goals in life. Not to mention that as you get older your circumstances, preferences, and lifestyle change, so you will need to make adjustments to your house or move on. If you would like to turn your current house into a forever home, below you will find  a few example projects to try. Garden Rooms and Conservatories You will need to think about how you connect your indoor and outdoor, and make the most out of your home in every weather. Building a conservatory, a… View Post

If there’s a room that has to be multi-functional, it’s your family room. Unfortunately, that means it tends to be the room in the house that falls victim to both design flaws, and day-to-day mess. Because a family room is, by definition, everyone’s space, it tends to get messy, cluttered, and disorganized easily. If you don’t want your family room to become an all-purpose storage space, you might try following these design tips. They will help you turn your family room into a beautiful, functional space that welcomes the whole family. Think About How You Want To Use the Space… View Post