Baby’s Day In – 4 Decor Ideas To Make Him Love His Room More

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

What could you possibly do to make your little one love his room even more? You can make it more comfortable for him. You can add more color to the walls and you can bring out his favorite cartoon characters. Ideas are aplenty but you have to look in the right places. Let’s begin with a few design basics for your baby’s little room:

  1. Make A Wall Full Of Memories

Have you ever thought about designing a wall with your family photographs and pictures? You can also include photos of your little baby right from the time when he was a newborn to create a beautiful wall of memories. Some people also incorporate birthday greeting cards and congratulatory messages from their family and close friend circle. There are plenty of ideas when coming up with a wall of memories for your little kid. The final result is going to be full of love and tenderness because those pictures don’t signify just your remembrances but the affection that you have received from and shared with all the important people in your life. 

  1. Hang Up Those Necessities

Another very fun decor idea to redecorate your child’s nursery is to incorporate all the bare necessities in one place. You can create a hanging spot for all these items so that the floor of the room remains clutter-free. This way, you will be ensuring that all the goodies and items that you need are easily accessible. For example, you can hang the diaper bag of your little one along with several of his playthings on these hooks so that they are never in the way of your child but always at an arm’s length from you. 

  1. Invest In A Gender-Neutral Nursery  

So you haven’t received the ultrasound report yet. And you don’t want to find out the sex of the baby either. This is a healthy approach and if you want to create a gender-neutral nursery for your baby, you have an abundance of decor ideas that do not limit you in any way. You can go with a mix and match of warm and cool colors, a cloud nursery decor theme perhaps, a minimalist look that suits almost every room, and a few faux fur items to make your little one feel more comfortable. There is also the very popular trend of incorporating a black and white palette and similar colors into your baby’s nursery. Other than this, make white and natural wood accents a staple in the overall design theme. You and your little one are going to love it.

  1. What About Installing A Growth Chart?

Installing a growth chart and making it a part of the overall room decor is a very clever idea. Your baby is going to grow quicker than you ever think. You will not even notice when he outgrows the tiny chart. You can paint a beautiful arrow pointing upward on the wall right next to the growth chart. You can also involve your little one in this small yet fun task.


So these were a few decor ideas for your little baby’s nursery. It is time to get inspired and start working on these themes.


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