For the past week or so I have felt torn. I feel huge, and uncomfortable.  I am down to around four outfits that actually still fit me.  My hair is dry,  I can rarely wear my contacts as my eyes get too sore and my feet are swollen.  I physically can’t breathe quietly and I spill food on myself EVERY time I eat.  80% of the time I have baby feet wedged into my ribs and I have lost the ability to sit in any sort of dignified fashion. And I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I… View Post

April is C Section Awareness Month and as in just a few weeks I will be having my second section I wanted to share our story of what happened the first time round… I never had a birth plan, I didn’t even attempt to write one.  I was more than prepared to go with the flow and didn’t want to feel that I had to stick to something.  I mentioned I’d quite like to just have gas and air if possible (something my husband found hilarious) and if we could avoid it I didn’t really want an epidural.  The one… View Post

When I found out I was expecting our second child I was really excited to wear my maternity clothes again.  I had fond memories of my pregnancy wardrobe and was eager to retrieve the bag of clothes that had long been stashed in the back of the attic. Maybe in the four years since I was pregnant with O my style has completely changed but the clothes I had been so keen to get back out were a huge let down.  Apart from one white shirt from Topshop the rest was awful.  I tried a couple of things on and… View Post

After having O we kept all of our baby purchases.  Moses basket, baby rocker, changing bag, nursery furniture, we have it all.  For that reason we can’t really justify buying it all new again when there is nothing wrong with what we have, but that doesn’t stop a girl from looking does it?  There are so many beautiful items out there which weren’t around when I had O, or I just wasn’t aware of. Just for fun here are a few of my favourite baby items that would be top of my shopping list if we were starting from scratch,… View Post