As a mother to two very pale skinned, blond hair, blue eyed boys I worry once the sun comes out.  I love being in the sun and the boys love playing outside but they burn easily and making sure they are safe in the sun is my top priority. Here are my top tips for keeping kids safe in the sun. In the words of Baz Luhman Wear Sunscreen – my boys are always covered in it.  They are so used to being slathered in sun cream that there isn’t even the hint of a moan when it’s time to… View Post

Image via Pixabay Every parent wants their kids to be as equipped for the world at large as possible. And so, many parents will go to great lengths to try and teach their kids about the importance of doing chores at an early age, saving up money in a piggy bank, and always cleaning up their room. Then, aside from the importance of tidiness, there are all the academic facts you might want your child to know – and in order to ensure that they’ve been learning what they need to learn at school, you’re likely to look over their… View Post

Before becoming a parent the thought of weaning hadn’t really entered my head.  I would worry about giving birth, whether I would be able to breastfeed, the lack of sleep, but in all the weird and crazy thoughts that pop into your head in the middle of the night, weaning was never one of them.  However, once O was born it began to concern me.  It was the one thing that I really began to stress over.  I went to our local baby group weaning sessions, I read up on it, waited until O six months and then began with… View Post

One day I won’t feel as tired as I do today. One day we won’t have hectic mornings where there are two little people to get dressed and ready and out of the door on time. One day my big boy won’t want to hold my hand on the way to school. Instead he’ll want to walk with his friends whilst I hover behind. One day my baby won’t gently grab my top as he feeds, feeling safe and comforted by just being in my arms.  He won’t look up, catch my eye and give me his cheekiest grin. One… View Post