I am absolutely delighted to now be able to join in with the Siblings Project.  I have seen these monthly photos for quite a while now and love how they show the changing relationships between children as they grow.  Now that I have my own siblings I am so excited to see them together and want to make sure I capture the moments as they grow. G is our new addition and is two weeks old. At the moment O is fascinated and slightly terrified of him in equal measure.  He loves having him around and giving him kisses and… View Post

15th April 2016 It was a date that had been etched in my mind since September.  The date when we would find out where our little boy would be going to school. As an eager first time mum I had researched the application process, read up on the local schools and on what criteria pupils were selected.  I knew how many places had gone to siblings and the furthest distance from which pupils had been taken the previous year. I filled in the application form well in advance, and then returned to it to add a supporting statement.  I double… View Post

My Gorgeous Boy, It suddenly feels like our time is running out.  Since the moment you were born we have been a team, me and you.  There is no denying you are a Mummy’s boy through and through, my biggest fan and most loyal supporter.  The past four years have been the best of my life and I am so proud of the beautiful person you are becoming, inside and out. You never questioned why you were an only child and thrived in having our undivided attention.  You have grown into a kind, thoughtful, inquisitive little boy who loves his… View Post

One of the things I was always told when I found out I was expecting O was that little boys adore their Mummies, and how affectionate and loving they are.  They weren’t kidding!  My son has always been one for the cuddles and as he has got older the hugs and kisses have kept coming.  Quite often we will be sat playing and he will pipe up out of nowhere, “Mummy, I love you.” He is, without doubt, a Mummy’s boy.  My husband works quite long hours and a lot of the time it is just me and O.  Whilst… View Post