One of the by-products of the past few months is that I have been spending a lot more time at home.  And a lot more time with O.  Whilst I wished the circumstances had been different I cannot help but feel grateful for the extra time that it has given me with my son. Parenting is constantly changing.  Everytime you think you’ve cracked it they change, they grow and it sometimes feels like you are back to square one.  O seems to be growing up so quickly at the minute and it was lovely to have a few weeks to… View Post

Dear Teacher Last week saw my precious boys first official day at your pre-school.  I dropped him off on Thursday lunchtime and walked home feeling like I was missing an arm.  At 3pm I excitedly came to pick him up and asked you the inevitable question, “How did he get on?” Your response was: “Good as gold, we hardly knew he was here!” With those few words my heart sank and have haunted me ever since.  Your words confirmed one of my greatest fears about my little man entering the education system.  I’m a teacher, I know what happens to the good kids. They spend… View Post

I love December. It’s probably my favourite month. I love the over the top decorations, the Christmas music being played everywhere you go, the general cheeriness that comes from people in the run up to the big event. But this year there is something that is nagging away in the back of my mind. As my 3 year old excitedly runs around looking for his Elf on the Shelf each morning and then scurries off for his advent pressie, it’s dawning on me that at some point we’re going to have to face the Christmas Comedown! January is a bit… View Post

This is how it starts: Pre motherhood you would never have believed you could be so excited to see a wee in your life, but it happens and it’s one of the weirdest proud mum moment you’ve encountered so far. It’s a bit hit and miss in the early days of potty training but then they crack it and nappies become a thing of the past (during the day at least because cracking the dry night is a whole different kettle of fish). Don’t get too smug though. You will start to miss those nappy days because soon you start… View Post