There’s no denying that kids love a phone, especially yours.  You can’t fool them, they’re not interested in any of that plastic tat, they want the real deal.  So you give in, you want to eat your pub dinner in peace and a shiny iPhone is as effective as a dummy was in those early days.  It may even give you time for a second bottle glass of wine. You weigh it up in your mind, is the drink in peace worth the following: 1.  You will have 53 photos in a row that look like this. 2.  Your favourite app… View Post

No Regrets. I’ve always lived my life with this as a bit of a mantra.  I’ve believed that every decision you make helps to build you into the person you are and for that reason you should never regret the choices you make.  That’s not to say that given my time again I wouldn’t have done a few things differently.  I probably wouldn’t have thought it was a good idea to take a pair of scissors to my own fringe in primary school or drink a bottle of MD20/20 and then go bowling (it was messy, that’s all I’m going… View Post

One of the by-products of the past few months is that I have been spending a lot more time at home.  And a lot more time with O.  Whilst I wished the circumstances had been different I cannot help but feel grateful for the extra time that it has given me with my son. Parenting is constantly changing.  Everytime you think you’ve cracked it they change, they grow and it sometimes feels like you are back to square one.  O seems to be growing up so quickly at the minute and it was lovely to have a few weeks to… View Post

Dear Teacher Last week saw my precious boys first official day at your pre-school.  I dropped him off on Thursday lunchtime and walked home feeling like I was missing an arm.  At 3pm I excitedly came to pick him up and asked you the inevitable question, “How did he get on?” Your response was: “Good as gold, we hardly knew he was here!” With those few words my heart sank and have haunted me ever since.  Your words confirmed one of my greatest fears about my little man entering the education system.  I’m a teacher, I know what happens to the good kids. They spend… View Post