Capsule wardrobes, or minimalist wardrobes, are very trendy at the moment. All the fashion bloggers are putting their own spins on it, along with creating their own accompanying how-to blog posts. A capsule wardrobe is made up of a set number of trousers, skirts, dresses and shirts, making life more manageable in the morning and ensuring the most amazing interior decor in one fell swoop. I’ve even got my own! These articles are all fantastic sources of inspiration to get an idea of how you can create a stunning new wardrobe for yourself. However, this content is not necessarily appropriate… View Post

Knowing what to buy for a one year old is hard.  They can’t tell you what they want and whilst you can try your best to guess they are unpredictable in the toys they will love and the ones that will be left untouched in the bottom of the toy box. I find it even harder second time around as G often wants to play with O’s toys which are sometimes a little too old for him, plus we already have so many toys that being completely honest there isn’t much we don’t already have.  However saying that, we don’t… View Post

I may have mentioned before I have a bit of a pushchair obsession.  I know the reason behind it, when I was pregnant with O I was lucky enough to win an online competition for a full travel system and our car seat and pushchair arrived, complete with a carrycot for a newborn.  The only problem was that it wasn’t what I personally would have chosen and I think I felt a bit robbed of the whole process of choosing the pram I wanted for my new baby.  Common sense (and money) meant that it would have been daft to… View Post

One of G’s Christmas presents from his Auntie was a Fisher Price Dance and Move Beat Bo, it quickly became one of his favourites.  He loves pushing it’s belly and his older brother helps him by singing along when Beat Bo asks you too.  It was my go-to toy to distract G so that I could have a few minutes to throw some clothes on before he tried to climb up my leg to be picked up. When we were asked if we wanted to review a few items from the Fisher Price Bright Beats range I was delighted, especially… View Post