Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo Review

When I was pregnant the first time I read every mother and baby magazine out there religiously.  I made lists of what we needed and bought almost everything off it.  The planner in me kicked in and I wanted to be prepared for every eventuality.  Somehow a Jumperoo passed me by.  Maybe it was because it was one of those items you don’t need for a newborn and in my pregnant state I was focusing on those first few weeks.

My sister in law opened my eyes to the wonder of a Jumperoo as she had one for my nephew who is 8 months older than O and kindly lent me hers when her son had outgrown it.  If there is one baby item guaranteed to change your life, this is it.

When Fisher Price got in contact and asked if we wanted to try out their new Laugh and Learn Puppy Jumperoo we couldn’t have said yes quick enough.  In almost every way G is a very different baby to O.  Whilst my eldest was always a bit of a lazy baby, happy to sit on your knee and be cuddled for hours, G wants to be busy.  He is very inquisitive and loves making a beeline for all those things he shouldn’t.  We had been using the original Fisher Price jumperoo still on loan from my brother and his wife so I was very excited at the thought of an upgrade.

And it is an upgrade.  There are more things to play with, more things to grab and I think the dog seat is pretty cute.  One new feature G loved was the mirror, he loves checking himself out.  Along with more toys, there are also more buttons to press which babies just love to do, don’t they?  As G was already a seasoned Jumperooo user he could very easily spin himself round to get to the toys he wanted but first timers soon figure this out for themselves.  In the meantime you can always spin them round yourself to give them full access to the features.

One of the features G (and his older brother before him) loved on the original rainforest jumperoo was the fabric butterfly.  They both loved to grab it and a lot of time was spent chewing on it.  On the new version this has been replaced with a plastic tree, it didn’t seem to interest G in the same way the butterfly did but from a Mums point of view I have to say I’m relieved.  I dread to think how unhygienic the butterfly must have been as it wasn’t the easiest thing to keep clean.

One of my favourite features of Fisher Price toys (and we have quite a few) is the different levels that the sounds and interaction elements can take which develop with your child.  The jumperoo can be in Musical Fun Mode or Early Learning Mode.  The first plays short bursts of music with sounds and lights whilst the second mode plays first words and animal sounds.  A refreshing change from the jungle sounds of the original

A jumperoo is quite a pricey item so is it worth the money?  Oh my goodness yes! From a very early age G has loved being on his feet, and bouncing.  He loves to bounce and there is only so long I can bounce him on my knee before my arms start to burn. Before he was on the move, it allowed him a little independence to be on his own two feet and to investigate the toys within his reach.  Now that he is mobile it’s one way of making sure he isn’t getting up to mischief as it keeps him in one place but he is still playing at the same time.

G has just started to take few cruising steps hanging onto the side of the couch or coffee table and I fear our jumperoo days may be numbered as he will become increasingly frustrated at not being able to be more mobile whilst he is in there.  It will be a sad day when it gets packed away for the final time as it has been such a life saver for us with our boys.  It’s meant I can complete my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred whilst G bounces along, allows me a few minutes to sit and enjoy a cup of tea without worrying where the baby is crawling off to and gives me time to sit and play with my eldest whilst G giggles as he watches.

There’s many items on the baby and toddler must-have lists that you buy because you feel you should and then they sit in a cupboard, expensive and unused.  The jumperoo isn’t one of those items, it is worth every penny.

The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy Jumperoo is currently on sale at Argos for £99.99

Disclosure: We were sent the Fisher Price jumperoo for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 



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