When Buying Baby Clothes Consider These Top 5 Factors

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The gesture when people come and congratulate you for having a baby is the most precious one. For the first wardrobe of your newborn, you feel an adrenaline rush to make it just perfect. Make sure you follow some factors to make it more special, comfortable, and stylish. As there will be always this confusion of style and comfort going together. 

Currently, in the market, you get endless options and fabrics, it can be overwhelming to decide the perfect one for the new life. Now with this confusion, you start seeking advice from your neighbor, family members, your doctor and, even from every person you know, but this only ends up making it more confusing and baffling.

Buying baby clothes can also be an expensive business. You can shop around to get the best deals and it is always worth looking for discount codes and cashback offers to save money. You can check out nordstrom promo codes for their latest offers.

To make the process of buying the clothes for your baby easy and simple, here are some factors that you can consider. 

1. Fabric

To compliment all the cuteness, the foremost thing that strikes your mind is how to style your baby. From funky, stylish, trendy to expensive branded clothes, you wish to try everything to make her/him look just adorable. But some situations have been noticed that with these stylish and trendy clothes, comes skin rashes and irritations. Normally the clothes fabric is the culprit. 

Newborns or small babies have very sensitive skin and when buying clothes for them, you have to consider the fabric. This is the reason why most of the parents prefer cotton clothes, as they are comfortable and hardly give rashes. In today’s time where sustainability and eco-friendly are terms mostly used by people, even in the baby clothes section, you will find soy-based fabric, it is silky smooth and gentle on the skin of babies. Fabrics like rayon from bamboo, cotton, and azlon from soy are recommended as they are derived from natural resources and have properties that are beneficial and good for babies. 

2. Safety

As these days parents are super busy with their work hence, the factor of safety related to clothes is ignored. But it is important to consider safety when buying babywear. Have you ever heard of the word “Choking”, now this can happen if you buy clothes that have buttons, hooks, flowers, and bows. If you are looking for clothes that must have decorations then these decorative things must be firmly attached to the clothes so that a baby cannot tear them with mouth and face the problem of choking. 

Not only this but clothes that have waistbands and drawstrings can cause strangulation hazards. So make sure when you buy sleepwear for your baby choose the one that has flame-resistant fabric or sung-fitting.

3. Size

Buying adorable clothes for babies is a dream of every parent but make sure it fits your baby. Because fitted clothes not only look good but are comfortable but give enough space to the baby to move. Be sure that you consider the growth rate of your baby as they grow at a faster rate. 

Commonly, standard measurement is there for clothes, however, if you cannot decide on the size, then it is highly advisable to go for a bigger size so that it can be used for many years as well. Make sure that the babywear and size you are taking, make it easy to put on and take off. Between the time of feeding, changing, and burping, onesies are the last option you would opt for. No doubt that they look cute but it takes a lot of effort to change in and out. Always select the clothes that do not have zips, snaps, or buttons. It’s better to avoid fancy clothes and go for the practicality that gives comfort, easiness, and relaxation. 

4. Style & Functionality

The functionality of baby clothes must be considered by parents. Normally, newborns spend most of their time sleeping, hence buying clothes for them like baby footies, bodysuits, and sleep sacks are desirable. Once again consider the styles that are easy to put in and take off. 

The practicality of clothes is advisable to consider. Do not spend much on buying the fancy party wear that the baby will hardly wear. For special occasions on one or two are more than enough. As we mentioned earlier that babies grow at a very faster rate, hence not too many buy clothes of newborn sizes. If you are not thinking of picking up clothes based on gender then there are many brands that offer unisex clothes and they just look adorable. 

Make sure to shop for clothes that are easy and can bear many washes. Because babies tend to change clothes very frequently in a day and so clothes that can stand frequent wash is the best. Thus, make sure clothes that do not require much care and instructions will save your time and will be beneficial for you in the end. 

5. Season

When buying clothes for babies, think ahead, seasonal and geographical factors are to be taken into consideration. Season-appropriate clothing may need your hard-word in the research process but will benefit you and your baby in the future. Choose a bit bigger size seasonal clothes as they can be used in next year’s season as well. 

Online buying can be a good option but make sure to go through the details of the fabric and the embellishments present in it. Considering few factors will only help you and will not make you end up with clothes that your baby will not be able to wear in the coming months. In the end, there will be millions of clothes that will be annually tossed out and some of them will be unworn clothes. So think before you choose. 

Final Words

Plan ahead, choose wisely, make the most of the usage of baby clothes available. There are so many factors to consider but if you follow a simple rule of not spending unnecessarily on clothes that are occasional and buy bigger clothes that will last for a few months will help you a lot. Consider the fabric factor, functionality, and seasonal, as these will give your child a comfortable range of clothes and will make him/her feel relaxed. It’s a fact that dealing with every aspect of parenting especially with a newborn, has never been easier.


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