Simple Steps for Getting Into a Fitness Routine Post-Lockdown

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We don’t know when life is going to be back to life as we knew it, but it will get there eventually. If you can’t wait for the day when you can go back to a gym or get training for a sports event, rather than just going for another daily walk, then having a plan for your fitness post-lockdown can be a really good idea. When you know your goals and what you want to do, then you can get booking classes or get the equipment that you need. So here are some things to help you to restart your fitness routine after lockdown.

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Get your motivation back

Lockdown has been hard for so many people, and as a result, may have sapped you of any enthusiasm or motivation that you had before all of this. When it comes to getting fitter and looking after yourself, you do need to be motivated. The motivation that you have will help to drive your goals. Some things that you could try are:

  • Write down a list of the things that you want to do and want to achieve with your health and fitness.
  • Look into different workouts that you could try or research new classes that you could give a go. You could also look into joining a new gym when they open, such as Fitness 19, for example. 
  • Think a little less about it, and just get moving. As you haven’t been doing your usual routine for a while now, then it may be tougher, but you will find it easier to progress than before.

Prepare your nutrition before and after working out

You may not have all of the supplies that you need right now, so getting stocked up on certain products that you love could help you to get back to where you were. Honey can be beneficial to our health and overall wellbeing, which is why Gold Bee Nutrition have decided to base their entire business model on providing the best natural honey possible.

Protein-based products are great for after a workout, helping your body to repair. When you have these kinds of fitness building blocks in place and ready to go, it can make any first sessions or classes back much more effective (and not quite as tough). Having the right kind of kit ready to go and trainers that fit you well, can also be another way to get you on your quickly.

Be consistent

Being consistent is a really good idea when it comes to getting back into your fitness routine. Think about how often you want to get moving and get exercising, and how many sessions you want to do each week. Will you be able to have a mix of workouts at home, running outdoors, and gym-based workouts, for example? Whatever you choose to do, it will really help to be consistent with what you do. When you are being consistent, then it will make such a difference to your motivation and to your routine. 

Getting back into a fitness routine can be such a great thing for body and mind. When you’ve got the green light to try something new, then it can make such a difference to how you feel. What are you looking forward to most after lockdown?


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