How to tell if Your Child is Happy at School

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Every parent hopes that their child is happy at school and enjoys learning. However, this may not always be the case and some children can find school a very challenging environment.

To help you assess your child’s happiness at school, it is important to talk with your child regularly about their day and observe your child’s behaviour.

Here is some helpful advice from Mount House School on some behaviour to look out for…

1. When your child arrives home from school, are they keen to tell you about their day. Do they want to share interesting facts that they have learnt in the classroom?

This is a good sign and shows that your child is actively involved in their lessons and interested in the topics. Sharing information about their school life is a good indicator that your child is happy at school.➢ If your child seems unusually quiet or withdrawn or you notice that your child is spending more time alone, then this could be a sign that there is something wrong at school.

2. When it’s time for homework, is your child keen to get it done? Do they want to show off what they have learnt?

If your child is happy to complete homework and keen to do it all on their own, then this is a really good sign that your child is enjoying school.

If your child appears to avoid homework or begins to miss deadlines then you should intervene. Your child may be struggling with a particular subject or require additional learning support.

3. In the morning, does your child get ready and out of the house without a fuss?

The school run can often be a challenge for parents, but unless your child is dragging their heels and making excuses, you shouldn’t feel concerned.

If your child seems reluctant to go to school or regularlycomplaining of illnesses, then you should investigate this further. This could be a sign of an issue at school.


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