Between-Baby Storage Solutions

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Let’s face it mums; baby stuff is extortionate. By the time you’ve brought everything you need for a new arrival, you could be looking at debt and credit card bills through the roof. There are nappies and bottles, as well as bottle sterilisers and Moses baskets. And that’s before we even mention the number of clothes a baby needs. Clothes that, by the way, they’ll grow out of in what seems like a matter of days. Being a new parent is an expensive time, alright. 

That’s why, after a first child, most of us keep everything aside so we don’t have to repurchase it next time. It’s a cheap and hassle-free way to grow your family, and it can work incredibly well (especially if you buy gender-neutral stuff the first time around). The problem is that the mere idea of keeping baby stuff could soon see your house in a not-so-organised chaos if you aren’t careful. That’s a lot of stuff, after all, and Marie Kondo most definitely would not approve. 

The question is, then, how you can keep baby stuff aside without giving your home over to the cause? Luckily, we’ve got some tips which could help you achieve that goal. 

Lend it out

Every upcoming parent is in the same position, which is why lending out your baby stuff is a tempting option indeed. Admittedly, you can’t guarantee that you’ll get everything back this way. In fact, you may lose a fair amount of stuff, especially in the clothes department. But, if you make it clear that this a lend, you should find that most people give your things back eventually. As such, this becomes the ideal organisation circle. You get to save yourself a fortune when baby number 2 (or 3 or 4) comes around, and you get to do it all without once having to worry about clutter.

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Put it in storage

By this we don’t mean that you should shove it in the attic and forget about it. Instead, we’re literally referring to putting that baby stuff in self storage units elsewhere. If you opt for a smaller unit size, this will be a much cheaper option than you’re anticipating. It will undoubtedly cost less than replacing all those items down the line. Yet, you won’t once have to worry about climbing over boxes of baby stuff at home. Instead, it’ll all be in one neat place, ready and waiting for your next new arrival.

Vacuum pack

If all else fails, never underestimate the storage magic that is vacuum packing. Admittedly, you might need to get picky here. Clothes vacuum pack well, for instance, but toys not so much. Still, clothes are often the most expensive baby purchase, so this can still work out well. Simply make sure to pack clothing according to age and label clearly so that you can unleash one pack at a time and ensure that your baby never goes without. All while keeping your house as sleek as Marie’s kondo. 


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