Does My Child Need a Tutor

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We all want our children to have the best education, achievegood grades and succeed academically, but what if you begin to notice that their grades are slipping or that your child is reluctant to go to school? Is it time to consider the services of a private tutor to get them back on track?

There are a number of benefits in hiring a private tutor. They can support your child in learning a particular subject or help to improve their overall academic abilities. When your child feels more confident in their knowledge and skills this can help to boost their self-confidence, as well as their performance at school.

If you are wondering if your child would benefit from the help of a tutor, here are some of the possible signs to look out for, kindly provided by Manor Lodge School

Lack of effort

You may notice a lack of effort in your child’s work if they are struggling to understand a particular subject. A tutor can provide extra support in these areas, to help maintain their interest and keep them feeling motivated.

Dropping grades

If you have noticed a significant drop in your child’s grades or they are falling behind their fellow classmates, then this is a good indicator that they may require additional learning support.

Emotional or frustrated

Is your child reluctant to go to school or do they show signs of frustration whilst completing homework? These issues should always be discussed with your child to try and identify the cause. 
If they are struggling with their school work then tutoring could be the solution.

Missing deadlines

If your child is failing to complete their homework on time, ortheir homework is taking a very long time to complete, then tutoring could help them to get back on track. It could also provide them with better time management strategies.


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