Throwing An Impromptu Party – 8 Things To Put On Your Shopping List

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Who doesn’t like surprise parties? Who doesn’t like impromptu get-togethers? These can be so much fun but you have to plan them with a very sharp and alert mind. You have to be very strategic about throwing an impromptu party because your budget is limited and so is the time. You have absolutely no minutes to spare which means that everything has to be done on very short notice but without compromising on the amount of fun that you want to have. The following is a shopping list that you should refer to every time you want to throw a sudden or surprise party whether it is for your loved ones or your special someone. Let’s begin:

  1. Tasty Frozen Snacks

You just can’t imagine a party without frozen snacks that can be just put into the microwave and pop! They are ready to serve. Look for tasty dips that can go with those amazing potato chips with the Peruvian spices. You can also invest in a few premade gourmet meals that come packed and stacked as standalone servings for each guest. These will be a little out of your budget but if you have a small gathering, they turn out to be a very practical option. Don’t forget to invest in a few disposable cutlery pieces as well.

  1. Drink Mixes

Drink mixes and mixers should be a staple in your party regardless of whether it is a small one or a big one that you are trying to arrange. These can be your go-to solution in practically all kinds of gatherings that you are planning in the future as well. Also, never estimate the power of red and white wine. A decent brand should be able to get you through the night with all the fun that you want and a lot of appreciation from your friends. 

  1. What About That Playlist?

Have you asked your younger brother to come up with that playlist that you had sent him over the phone? This is not done! If you do not have a fun and peppy playlist already queued on your media player, all of these arrangements are going to go in vain. Music is an absolute must for any party to be a success. But make sure to be good children in the end and do not create a ruckus for your neighbors. 

  1. Charge Up Your Whipped Cream Dispensers

Did you think that your party is going to be complete without a whipped cream dispenser? These little gadgets are so user-friendly and versatile that almost everyone in your party is going to be using them practically every other minute. These are perfect for your impromptu parties because they let you dispense whipped cream, sauces, and mousses very easily. But you also need to make sure that you invest in a spare set of whipped cream chargers so that you never run out of this deliciousness. These cartridges are going to keep you and your party going for as long as you want and keep all your desserts yummy and frothy all night long.

  1. A Bag Of Colorful Balloons!

What kind of a party does not have beautiful and colorful balloons? Only a party that is boring and not fun at all. You just absolutely cannot do without a bag of fun and beautiful balloons and other home decor items for your walls and ceiling. These are made from skin-friendly rubber and are available in various sizes. Balloons are a must for practically every party regardless of what your age is. They are loved by everyone and it does not make sense to not include them in your party decor.

  1. Where Are Those Glasses?

You can take this responsibility on your able shoulders. Do not depend on anybody else when it comes to arranging for glasses for the entire party. All the liquid that you will be serving has to go somewhere, right? You will also be serving at least 1 welcome drink or perhaps two kinds of beers at your party. This is where your presence of mind is going to come in handy. Make sure to invest in a few extra disposable glasses for this party. If the gathering is small, you can also go for those old-fashioned wine glasses and margarita shot glasses that are just so beautiful and classy at the same time. 

  1. Ice Buckets

Ice! You can never have enough ice at your party because everybody is going to want their drinks chilled. It just saves you a lot of time when you have enough space in your freezer and if you have a helpful neighbor to lend you his freezer for a night on such short notice. Make sure that all the drinks that you want to serve have already been stacked up in the freezer for at least 2 hours. This is why it is better to buy all your beers, canned juices, wines, and other beverages in advance and stack them up in the freezer right in the beginning. 

  1. Napkins And More Napkins

If you are organizing an impromptu party, not everyone on your guest list is going to be as careful as you are. They are not going to care about the spills that they make or the mess that they put you into. You are going to need a lot of napkins and a few extra bags of wipes as well. All in all, two or three bags of cocktail napkins along with wet and dry wipes and cleaning supplies on standby is going to make your life a lot easier. Make sure that the cocktail napkins you invest in go with the overall theme and decor of your place.

Let’s Party All Night

You have the most amazing list of the most basic yet fun items that you should shop for right away if you are about to throw an impromptu party. Do not be too picky at this moment because that is just going to delay your fun night. Also, do not be too fussy with the food because the bottom line here is to have fun with your friends and close ones. Have a great time!


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