Making Your Home Baby-Friendly: A Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare It for Baby

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Welcome the baby into your world with excitement and pride! Once they can begin crawling, however, it becomes even more vital that your home be safe from hazards presented by crawling babies. This blog offers helpful advice for parents on how they can prepare their home to ensure the wellbeing of their precious bundle of joy – from baby-proofing coat closets and creating spaces where your crawler can safely explore – all with the goal of making sure your home remains as safe and crawlable as possible!

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Beginning Babyproofing High

First, change the locks on all windows and doors so they are secure. Add childproof door knob covers, window guards, safety latches for cabinets and drawers as well as safety latches on cabinets/drawers if possible. On balconies/decks equipped with railings, install a gate or guardrail with closely spaced slats as a preventive measure.

Secure Furniture 

Before your child begins pulling or climbing furniture, make sure that tall pieces are secured to the walls using special hardware designed for this purpose. This will prevent these items from tipping over when your infant starts trying to pull themselves up or climb them.

Cover Electrical Outlets

Your baby will love getting into everything! Protect all the outlets with plastic outlet caps by covering each and every outlet in your home with plastic covers.

Purchase Corner and Edge Bumpers 

Installing corner and edge bumpers is an effective way to safeguard your baby against sharp corners in your house, such as sharp edges. They’re available from most major retailers and come in various colors and designs that suit any decor style.

Make Sure Your Flooring Is Slip-Free

To keep your crawl-space safe and slip-free, invest in non-slip rugs if there are areas of high traffic or consider changing out floors if they become too dangerous to navigate – Islington flooring offers wonderful options ideal for babies just learning to crawl!

Install Baby Gates 

Baby gates are essential in keeping children away from potential dangers like stairs, fireplaces, kitchens and bathrooms. Make sure that the pressure-mounted baby gate you purchase only requires minimal hardware installation without damaging walls or baseboards.

Eliminating Hazards 

Crawl down on all fours to observe life from your baby’s viewpoint and keep an eye out for anything that could present a risk. Remove small toys, coins, paper clips or marbles that might attract his interest as potential choke hazards.

Create Crawling Spaces 

Designate safe areas within your home where the baby can explore on her own without fear of stairs or high traffic areas and be free from hazards, like stairs. Keep the area free from clutter so your crawler won’t trip or fall over items they shouldn’t access!

No Matter How Well Your Baby-Proof Your Home, Always Monitor Your Crawler 

Even after babyproofing your home to its maximum degree, it is still crucial that you monitor your crawling baby regularly! In just seconds a child could gain access to something they shouldn’t, so always remain on guard!

Preparing your home for a crawling baby may seem daunting at first, but with careful planning and preparation it doesn’t need to be! These tips will help create a safe yet engaging environment for your little one to explore – and allow you to rest easy knowing your home is prepared for their adventures!


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