The Hunt for The Perfect Minimalist Side Table

Almost a year on from having our extension completed it still feels we are fully in the stages of finishing off. The to-do list of jobs seems to be getting longer not shorter. In almost every room there are corners that need “a little something” to add a finishing touch or two. One item I am currently on the hunt for is a side table for the back room, the heart of our new home. In the corner of our family area there is currently an Ikea cube that was supposed to be a temporary measure to sit the mini…

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Making the House More Homely

Photo source It always takes a while for a new house to feel like a home.  Even when you have unpacked all your boxes, got your clothes in the wardrobes and filled the cupboards with food, there will still be a feeling of newness about the place when you are looking for a true sense of homeliness. There is a big difference between living in a house and living in a home, and you need to stamp your personality on a place to make truly feel like yours. Photo source Hang Pictures And Photos Research has shown that looking at…

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How To Get In Enough Sleep As A Busy Mum

When you’re a busy Mum, the idea of sleep can be a pretty foreign one. Sleep, what is that, and how do I get as much of it as possible, please? However, contrary to popular opinion, sleep and Motherhood are actually compatible. They may not go totally hand in hand, but there are some things that you can do to get in enough sleep as a busy Mum, and we promise you, those eyebags are going to be gone for good. We’ve noted down some of the best things to do, to get some good shut-eye. Photo credit Welcome early…

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Beat The Baby Blues In 3 Simple Ways

If you have recently welcomed your first little bundle of joy into the world, congratulations! This momentous time in your life should be filled with joy, awe, and wonder. Every day you will find yourself staring at this tiny human being that you have made, wondering how this miracle even came to be lying contently in your arms. However, the sheer joy and unconditional love that you feel for your child can be intermingled with feelings of nervousness, hopelessness, and fear. These baby blues are natural, and you should never feel wrong or bad if you experience them. No matter…

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Don’t Panic Mummy! 8 Things You Don’t Have To Stress About When You Are A New Mum

There are plenty of things to get stressed about when you are a new mum. After all, you have just been through a physically and emotionally taxing experience, and instead of being rewarded with a nice long rest, you get to take on full responsibility for a mini human, full nappies and sleepless nights and all. Luckily, many people have trod this path before you, and you can both learn from and take comfort from their experience. Something you can read more about below. Sleeping For mums of a baby under a year, sleep can be a massive issue. This…

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