I have to admit myself and my husband don’t make a fuss of celebrating Valentines Day.  Once upon a time we used to make the effort, we’d book a nice meal, get dressed up but over twenty years and two kids later we tend to spend the day a little more low key.  We do acknowledge the day, we swap cards and will have a nicer than usual dinner but not much more. We used to buy each other presents.  When we were teenagers I could almost guarantee I’d get a soppy teddy bear and, if he was feeling a… View Post

Photo Source When it comes to your home, you’re definitely going to have your own rhythm with how you do things. We all do. Because we’re creatures of habit. So we tend to live in ways that are most comfortable to us. This is very much the case when it comes to our homes. In fact, the way in which you organise your home will very much be within you. It’s probably predetermined. However, if you know that home organisation is not overly your strong point, you might admit that it’s affecting your quality of life. Because in the home,… View Post

People often don’t realise the impact that their doors have on their home. Not only is upgrading your doors an easy way to add extra value to your home, but there are countless additional benefits that you could experience and it’s a much lower cost to upgrade a door as opposed to renovating an entire room. To help convince you to stop neglecting your doors, we’ve put together three great reasons why you should consider giving your doors a much-needed upgrade as soon as you can. Photo Credit 1. Improving the appearance of your front entrance has many benefits Your… View Post

When you are a homeowner, or are thinking of becoming one, then one thing on your mind is wondering how good of an investment the home is. Is it going to be something that you can sell in ten years time, for example, and it has gone up in price in a significant way? Of course, with the likes of inflation things will naturally increase a little anyway. But there are plenty of things that you can be doing to add value to your property. In many ways, that is why you might have heard it called a property ladder;… View Post