Home being the most important place in the world, it’s hardly surprising that you might want it to be as comfortable and pleasurable to be in as possible. The fact is that there are many things you can do to achieve that, and you will find that focusing on luxury in particular is bound to be a highly effective means of ensuring that you can be happy with your home on the whole. But of course it can be something of a challenge to ensure that you are genuinely creating a luxurious space in your home, and there is a… View Post

New year, new you! That’s what most people start to think when once the bells chime at midnight on New Year’s Eve, right? Many see January as a chance to get into some healthier habits and shed some of the extra weight that they may have gained over the festive season. If this sounds like how you envisage your new year starting, then it’s worth reading through this blog post. Here are some of the healthy ways you can start losing weight. Photo Credit Always Eat Breakfast There is a misconception that has been going around for a few years… View Post

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the home, as well as being the centrepiece of the bedroom. It can make your life much easier or harder depending on just how well it helps you sleep. For that reason, we’re taking a look at how to quickly make sure your bed is the right fit for you and to make sure that it stays that way. Photo Source The Goldilocks equation The sooner you find out what’s too soft and what’s too hard, the more quickly you will find the bed that gives you the right mixture… View Post

When I returned to work full-time (admittedly, a lot sooner than I had planned) I was nervous of the impact it would have on our family life, and on me.  After a rocky first few weeks we found a routine and it seemed to work for us.  I was in the honeymoon period of my new job and, despite living through five months of chaos as we extended our house, we coped and I was happy to be back in the workplace again. Naively, I thought we’d cracked it, but this year so far has been tough from a working… View Post