What happened to letting kids be kids?

Another day, another new idea about how to improve education. Paul Kirby, an ex government adviser, thinks school days should be 8:30am until 6pm and for 45 weeks a year. In his opinion, this will be a real vote winner in the next election. As a teacher and a parent I hate this idea from both angles. As a teacher I know how hard that final lesson of the day is. The kids are knackered and are starting to switch off. I don’t blame them, a full day of learning is tiring. I can’t even begin to imagine how they’d…

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Teach Your Kids Some Manners Please!

If I was ever asked what I would put into Room 101 I know what would be top of my list. People with bad manners! Drives me crazy. The people who never say please or thank you, don’t acknowledge that you’ve held a door open for them and then, in return, would let it slam in your face (usually when you are weighed down with bags, and barely a spare arm). Don’t even get me started on lack of manners when someone gets behind a wheel! I can feel the anger rising already. Generally, I’m a fairly placid person, but…

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Happiness Is….#spreadalittlehappiness

The happiest day of my my life wasn’t our wedding day, although it runs a pretty close second. It was the day this gorgeous boy came into our lives. I’d worried about what sort of mum I would be. As a teacher I was used to dealing with teenagers on a daily basis but I’d never been great with younger kids and I worried I’d be at a bit of a loss when this little man arrived. From the second that O was put into my arms those worries evaporated. I have to admit I never felt that rush of…

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Love The Little Things #4

Love The Little Things #4 This is what we’ve been enjoying this week: Read For Christmas O’s godparents bought him a lovely set of new books by Julia Donaldson so we are working our way through them at bedtime. We’ve read Freddie and the Fairy a few times and it’s a lovely story. O asks “what’s that?” on every page but that’s pretty standard at the minute. Watched Last Friday night we watched The Butterfly Effect on a friends recommendation. It took us a while to suss out what was going on but a great film that had us completely…

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Online Shopping Is The Future

If you don’t have kids you probably think going to the supermarket is a necessary but pretty boring job on your to do list. You don’t know how lucky you are. Enjoy it, the peaceful browsing of the aisles where your biggest problem is the old lady who takes too long to choose what yoghurt she wants. Once you’ve had kids, the supermarket trip becomes the stuff of nightmares. If you have a newborn you’re still generally in the lucky group as they tend to sleep most of the way round, but once they hit the toddler stage, you need…

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