With our house extension hopefully starting in early 2018 my husband and I have been re-designing the downstairs of our house.  As we talked it dawned on me that all three of the houses we have owned have had an open plan layout.  This wasn’t intentional, it was never on our must-have list of things we wanted in a house, but it has been something that made a house attractive to us. When we were looking for our first home we weren’t too picky, and we certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with the second house we viewed.  So… View Post

As a parent one of my worries is that I don’t want to spoil my children, but at the same time I want them to have a wonderful and memorable childhood.  With grandparents on hand that love to treat my boys I try to not give in too often to the “I want…” requests I get from my eldest. When it comes to Christmas presents it would appear that in the UK we are leading the way in how much we spend on our children and this is where I start to feel like a bit of a mean mummy… View Post

Knowing what to buy for a one year old is hard.  They can’t tell you what they want and whilst you can try your best to guess they are unpredictable in the toys they will love and the ones that will be left untouched in the bottom of the toy box. I find it even harder second time around as G often wants to play with O’s toys which are sometimes a little too old for him, plus we already have so many toys that being completely honest there isn’t much we don’t already have.  However saying that, we don’t… View Post

Buying your baby’s car seat is one of the big purchases that you will probably spend hours worrying about, or was that just me?  And it wasn’t just the baby car seat I stressed about, the one that came after and the one that came after that as my son grew from a baby to a toddler to a schoolboy.  With O we are on his fourth car seat and I’m hoping that the latest one we bought will be his last. As part of my Graco ambassador role we have tried out their Snug ride i-Size for newborns up… View Post