5 Reasons Why I’m Happy To Turn 40

Today is my half birthday, which means I am now on my 6 month countdown to turning 40, and actually I feel okay about that. In fact, I’d almost say I’m looking forward to the next decade of my life and here’s a few reasons why: I am happy in my career – At the start of my 30’s I still felt that I had a career ladder to climb, whilst at the same time getting itchy feet for where I was currently working. Ten years on and I have changed jobs, and am happy with where I am at…

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Why You Need a Proper Drainage System

Water can cause chaos to even the strongest of structures, both inside and outside. Without a proper drainage system you might notice standing or ponding water on your property. This can often happen after heavy rainfall, when the ground is flat and the soil is saturated.  This is bad news for gardeners and landscape designers, who might end up with damaged equipment. Ponding water also leads to rodents and bugs and will damage plants and shrubbery.  All homes are built on a foundation, whether it is concrete or helical piles. If soil becomes too moist (or too dry) it can expand (or shrink) and…

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Motherhood – Surviving the Early Years

My youngest little boy turns 3 at the end of this month and it feels very bittersweet.  We are moving away from the baby days and with no plans for a third it feels that we are moving on to a new phase in life with our two boys. We no longer have sleepless nights, and every now and again we even get a lie in (and by lie in I mean still in bed past 7am), and whilst my petrol bill has gone through the roof with the amount of taxi-ing round I have to do for my 7…

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Are You Caring For Your Elderly Parents Well?

There comes a time in your life when you’re going to find that you need to start caring for your parents a lot more. While at one point, they were the ones that were providing you with the care you needed, now it’s very much the case that you are going to switch roles. Because you’re now an adult, and they are getting older by the day. Sure, they may still be smart and they may still be able to do things for themselves now, but that may change. And they may just need a little more support from you.…

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Work & Play with Jacamo {Review}

My husband rarely gets involved in my blog, he’s not really that interested (although he does on occasions pretend to be) but when we contacted recently and asked if we wanted to work with Jacamo he suddenly had a change of heart. We were asked if we (well, he not we) would like to review some of their range and although Jacamo was a brand I had heard of it wasn’t one either of us had shopped with before so were keen to take a look at what was on offer. We were immediately impressed with the range of not…

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