7 Ways To Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

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The summer heat can quickly turn a car into a sauna. To avoid uncomfortable car rides this summer, consider some of these tricks to help cool your car down.

Park in the shade

An obvious way to keep your car cool is to park in the shade. What many people forget is that the sun moves throughout the day – what may be a shady spot in the morning could end up being exposed to direct sun in the afternoon, so take into account where the sun is in the sky. See if you can find reliable shelter outside your home to park under. Some homeowners build structures such as a flyover carport to keep their car cool.

Fan your car before you set off

You can help fan hot air out of your car by opening the windows on one side and then gently swinging the door open and semi-closed. You may look a bit funny doing this but it will stop you having to endure that hot stale air. 

Put the windows down when moving

Alternatively, when setting off, keep the windows of your car down for a couple minutes. As you drive, new air will come in and push the hot air out. Generally, opening windows has little effect if your car is still or moving slowly – if you’re likely to be stuck in traffic for most of your journey, you’re better off using the air con.

Use air con correctly

If you’re going to use the air con, it’s better to keep the windows up, otherwise a lot of the cold air will escape and hot air will get in. Set the air con to the lowest temperature and wait until it starts coming out cool. Then use re-circulation mode to make sure that it’s recycling cold air in your car and not pumping in hot air from outside. To help the car cool faster, turn on lower positioned fans so that cold air is blowing up. 

Use a windshield sun shade

Some people buy a sun shade for their windshield to stop the interior getting as hot. These are useful for when you have no choice but to park in direct sun. Look for fold up options that won’t take up lots of space in your car. You can shop around for windshield sun shades online. 

Use seat covers

If you’ve got seats made of a material that gets very hot (such as leather), you could also consider investing in seat covers. Certain seating cover materials are able to stay cooler longer. This will prevent your seats being so hot when you get in your car. 

Invest in tinted windows

Tinted windows can have the benefit of letting in less UV light, which will prevent your car from getting as hot as quickly. Consider whether it’s worth paying to get tinted windows fitted. Tints can also offer privacy and generally won’t affect the value of your car as much as many other modifications. Make sure that your tints meet legal standards.


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