Why Perfecting Your Morning Can Increase Your Quality Of Life Tenfold

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Think of each morning like a game of pool. You set up the triangle ring of balls and taking a deep breath, you use your cue to break those balls and set up the positioning for the rest of the game as they knock into one another at various angles. The first decision you make, and how you execute it, will determine everything from there.

Every morning can be considered similarly to this. The way you greet the day, the decisions you make to roll into it, and the energy and momentum you build can set the stage for the rest of your daily experience. We all know how lethargic things can become if we roll out of bed an hour later than expected, spend some time watching television, eat a greasy breakfast, and then fall back asleep for a little while.

However, if we wake up, take some deep breaths outside, and once we become lucid, focus on our morning wellbeing tasks, the day feels much more doable and productive.

In this post, we’ll discuss how perfecting your morning this way can increase your quality of life tenfold. With that in mind, let’s get started:

Morning Exercise Removes Those Mental Cobwebs

When you get physically active in the morning, you help remove all the “mental and physical cobwebs” that can stay with you for the rest of the day otherwise.

If you’ve ever worked from home, it’s likely you know this feeling. That lethargy that comes when you don’t move and get active or go outside in the morning can stay with you during the day, even if you exercise in the afternoon. That’s why it’s good to have some morning movement as part of your schedule, and even before you eat breakfast.

For example, you might enjoy walking your dog in the morning to get out in the local park, enjoy some fresh air, and then come back feeling refreshed once more. You may undergo a yoga workout, use your exercise bike, or simply head to the local store to get a few groceries for the day. What matters is getting active as soon as you can, especially if that movement encourages you to breathe deeply, which in itself can help you become more alert.

Meditation Helps Address Your Stress

If you have time to meditate, doing so in the morning is a great way to set up your day. This is because ten or twenty minutes of simple, clean concentration (mindfulness asks you to observe your breathing through your nostrils), will help you dissolve your stress.

If you have a big meeting that day, you’re meeting with a friend, or you’re just a little stressed out at the minute, having that kind of refresher is a beautiful outcome. That not only helps you feel better in yourself but enables you to look outwards more comfortably. You’ll be more effective at whatever it is you have planned, and that’s always a worthwhile outcome to meet.

Good Nutrition & Coffee Energizes You

Great nutrition and coffee can inspire you to wake up in the morning with enough fuel to keep going. There’s a reason breakfast is considered the meal of kings, as setting yourself up for the day is essential, and can prevent hunger pangs as you try and focus on other tasks. 

A healthy, nutritious meal like eggs and avocado on wholemeal toast, rolled oats with milk and blueberries, or even leftovers from a well-made, nutritious meal the night before can help. Couple this with a hot steaming cup of coffee imported from the best coffee roasters can be ideal.

This way, you’ll be satiated and alert, ready to get going with your day. Just make sure you give yourself five minutes for your stomach to settle before you go out and get active.

A Plan & Routine Helps With Your Dreary Morning

You may choose to follow all of the above advice, or none of it, but what matters is having a routine you follow that helps you plan effectively.

A plan and routine helps you keep up with those tasks when you don’t feel like it. It’s easy to lay in bed, especially on the weekends, and sometimes that can lead to lethargy. There’s nothing wrong with a lie-in from time to time of course, but it’s much healthier to make your waking-up duty easier and more comfortable to deal with. If you give yourself a routine to follow, you make that process more productive and sustainable.

With this advice, you’re sure to perfect your morning, increasing your quality of life tenfold.


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