Practical Changes You Can Make to Your Family Home

Running a household is rarely an easy task and it’s one that many other halves (and particularly the kids) seem to always take for granted. With so many spinning plates to take care of, it can be easy to settle into an exhausting pattern of “just getting on with it.”

However, there are many practical home changes you could be making to your household that could be saving you hours of hassle and potentially hundreds in bills.

Save on Energy

It can be surprisingly easy to lose track of how much energy you’re using, particularly during the winter months when the kids are home from school and you have the heating cranked up to 11 and appear to be running a hot bath almost every night.

Installing a smart metre will help make sure you stay on top of your heating by giving you updated information on just how much you’re spending. For a relatively small initial outlay, double glazing can also save you hundreds on wasted energy in the long-run.

If you don’t want to spend any money at all, however, there are plenty of more practical options to consider. Try turning down your thermostat slightly (by just a degree or two). You probably won’t notice the difference, but you could save hundreds annually.

Also, consider wrapping up warm indoors when you’re lounging around. Putting a jumper on and making sure you always have some cosy socks and slippers on standby is always going to be cheaper than knocking the thermostat up a notch.

Cut Down on Cleaning

Sometimes it can seem like we spend half of our lives cleaning. By making a few simple changes, you could cut this time down significantly and have more free time to spend with your kids (and on yourself). For starters, consider replacing the curtains in your living room with wooden blinds. They are much easier to clean and don’t attract half as much dust and grime.

You could also swap out your carpets for wooden or vinyl flooring, which is far easier to vacuum and won’t collect dirt. In the kitchen, meanwhile, investing in a dishwasher will cut the washing up down from a half hour of tedium to under ten minutes.

On a more psychological level, there are also changes you could be making in how you approach cleaning that could save you hundreds of man-hours a year. First, consider getting rid of everything you don’t need. We waste so much time in our lives cleaning the things that we should have thrown or given away. It’s also tempting to do our cleaning in stages, pacing it out throughout the course of a day. This often leads to procrastination and wasted time; knock it all out in one go and you’ll have the rest of the day to do something more rewarding and fulfilling.

Finally, consider investing in clever storage options. If something is comfortably stored away, it won’t need to be dusted and cleaned every week. Stackable, modular storage is definitely the recommended option here as it’s cheap, flexible and can easily be added to required.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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