Being a mum of two, especially when the youngest is only 8 months old, means that there isn’t too much me-time going on.  When I was invited by the Rejuvenate Skin Clinic in Manchester to pop along and have a try of a couple of their treatments I jumped at the chance.  I arranged for my mum to have G whilst O was at school and I headed to the Northern Quarter for a few hours being pampered. I had been in contact with Leena (the clinic manager) prior to the day to discuss what treatments I would be interested… View Post

Where has the past week gone? It seems to have flown by and is over before it has barely begun.  It’s been another fairly chilled out week for us and I’m quite enjoying hibernating a bit whilst the weather has been so cold.   Read Technically I haven’t read this but I did get to see the revised plans for our extension this week.  They look amazing and me and my husband are so excited about them.  We’re still a year away from starting but hopefully by summer 2018 the work should be complete! Here’s a bit of a sneak… View Post

How’s your week been?  It’s been a fairly quiet one here, and I am really enjoying that there isn’t anywhere that we desperately need to be.  Maybe it’s because it’s January and I don’t want to be far from home and maybe it’s because I know my maternity days are coming to an end and I want to get organised at home.  Usually I’m climbing the walls if I don’t get out I’m just loving being here at the moment.  Apologies in advance for what is probably not the most exciting Little Loves! Read We’ve been doing some Disneyland Paris research… View Post

Moving your baby into their own room is such a big step.  I put it off for as long as I possibly could with G.  I loved having him beside me in his Moses basket but at almost 6 months it was no longer a comfortable option for him.  Whilst he could just about fit it didn’t leave any space for him to wriggle around.  With a very heavy heart I started to think about how to make the transition to his nursery as easy as possible. When the lovely people from The Little Green Sheep got in contact to… View Post