Happy Friday, hope you’ve had a lovely week. It has been our first full week being back to normal after the Christmas hols and G has decided that he would much rather spend his evenings with mummy and daddy than alone in his bedroom. All my grand plans to spend my evenings on blogging have gone out of the window but I am enjoying lots of sleepy cuddles with my gorgeous boy so for now the bloggy stuff can take a back seat. Read Not that much but I did love this post on a positive mindset from Becky over… View Post

This is something a little different for me as I don’t normally accept guest posts but with a new year I’m hoping to make lots of positive changes, one of them is being a little more open to new and fresh ideas.  Eco Badger is a new fashion company providing eco clothing to all ages.  Without further ado I will hand over to Kelly (blogger at Nature Mum Blog) to tell you a little more about it: Some of you may know me as Nature Mum Blog. It is a kind of parenting lifestyle nature cooking blog. It doesn’t really have… View Post

Happy New Year little loves, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We had such a lovely one, really relaxed and lots of family time with our two boys. Read Not a lot! I’ve been in contact with work about my return so I’ve been reading emails but not much more besides. Maternity leave will be over before I know it and that isn’t something I’m loving at all! Moving swiftly on… Watched It’s become a New Years Eve tradition that we go to watch the pantomime at Manchester Opera House. This year was a little more special as two… View Post

I’m a bit of a sucker for a sale, I begrudge paying full price for anything so this time of year has me quite excited.  As the thought of hitting overcrowded shops with two little boys brings me out in a cold sweat I find myself doing most of my sales shopping online (mostly in bed with a cup of tea in hand). I’ve learnt from past mistakes, so many past mistakes, not to go for high fashion items in the sales.  They are usually out of fashion before I’ve taken the labels off them and even if they’re not… View Post