You may have noticed that it’s been a little quiet over here for the past few weeks.  Life has been a little bit crazy for the past few weeks, I was exam marking in July (and every year I forget how all consuming that can be), I left my job of fifteen years and then we had a summer holiday to prepare for.  In case you were wondering, we headed to Croatia for the week and had the most wonderful time, definitely a place worth looking at. It is all so different to where we were a year ago with… View Post

It’s been months and months since I wrote an Ordinary Moments post, I fell out of the habit and with time at a minimum it was one of those things that had to give.  Admittedly, recently, I’ve lost my way with this little blog of mine, lost sight of why I started it in the first place, trying to be something perhaps I’m not.  I’ve struggled with what to write, worried far too much about what audience I should be targeting and all of that took the enjoyment that I used to get from this.  So I’ve decided to stop… View Post

I’m a day late finishing this post and feeling a little bit delicate after a night out for my husbands birthday.  We hadn’t been out just the two of us for so long and we had such a lovely time.  Of course I got a bit giddy and maybe had a few too many Proseccos but it was worth it.  G has just gone down for his nap so I’m having a coffee and putting the final touches to this Little Loves. Read I have mostly been reading Instruction Manuals as I had a very exciting delivery from Graco this… View Post

When I was pregnant with G I had a think about what baby products I used with my eldest and wrote a post about the ones I that made my life easier as a first time Mum.  Naively, I had assumed most of those would still be valid when G came along.  Whilst one or two of them were (I’m looking at you Angelcare Monitor) I’m really surprised that those items that seemed so vital first time round weren’t quite as necessary. One part of this was that I was more confident in my Mummy ability, and was a little… View Post