I’ve always shied away from writing down what my blogging goals are.  Partly because I didn’t really focus on what those goals would be and partly out of fear of putting myself out there.  I was afraid of writing them down and then failing miserably at them.  Somewhere inside is still that insecure, self-conscious teenager who worries too much what people think of her.  With a new year I feel like it’s time for a new me and that it is time to put myself out there a little bit more, focus on what I want and get off the… View Post

I don’t normally do New Year posts.  I generally believe that if you want to make changes it can happen anytime in the year, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in January.  I still believe this but this January feels a little bit different and I wanted to note that.  There are things I want to achieve this year, differences I want to make in myself and I want to write them down so I can remind myself of them throughout the year. I don’t do resolutions.  For the reason mentioned above and the fact that I never stick to… View Post

I hadn’t planned on writing this post.  I actually had another one written looking forward to the new year, but then I realised I probably doing the past year a disservice.  For too many people it has been a pretty crap year but for me it have brought me everything I have wanted for so long. I started the year four months pregnant, we had just found out we were expecting our second baby boy and I was excited and slightly scared for the year ahead.  Excited at the prospect of becoming a family of four but so worried in case something… View Post

Well it’s fair to say we’ve had a bit of a mixed bag this week.  We’ve had some really lovely and wonderful moments and some not so much.  After looking forward to O finishing school poor G came down with a cold on Saturday and clung to me all day meaning O didn’t get a particularly fun start to his Christmas break.  Luckily by Sunday he was feeling a lot better but we woke up to a broken boiler so no hot water or heating, just what you want in the middle of December!  Luckily, all is now fixed and… View Post