Home Decor Ideas for Students on a Budget

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Whether you are still living at home, or you have moved into student accommodation, it can be difficult to find the funds to decorate your space. 

Decorating your personal space can be important for your well-being. It will ensure that you have a comfortable and safe space to relax after a long day in the classroom and it will also provide you with a clean and clear space to get all of your studying and exam preparation done. The way your space is decorated will have a huge impact on how you feel every day and impact how well you concentrate on your studies, so it is something worth investing your time into. 

Unfortunately as a student, money can be the biggest barrier to decorating your space, leaving you with a mundane and boring space to live in. Changing your space is not impossible, as it does not have to be expensive. With the right planning and tips, you can make a more positive living space. 

Here are some top tips to help you get started. 

#1 Use what you have

Many people don’t realise that they already have many items they can utilise to decorate their space. Go through any boxes you have stored in your closet or under your bed, and see what you can find. There might be the odd candle or ornament that you can get out and place around your space to start making it feel more like a home. 

#2 Second-hand items 

You don’t have to buy new and expensive items to be able to decorate your space and make it personal, there are plenty of other options that you can choose from. First, you can speak to family and friends and see if they have any items that they are throwing out or donating to charity. You can also see if they have things you can take, for example, clippings of a plant in their room. This is free, and you can propagate it at home to create a great feature in your space. 

This is a great way to obtain things for free. You can also head online to websites that sell second-hand items, such as Facebook Market, where you can find items that are sold for a significantly reduced price as they are second-hand. Alternatively, you can head to local thrift stores to locate even cheaper items.

#3 Cheap items 

There are many items that you can purchase that are not expensive but can help you create a great living space. For example, items such as fairy lights, plants, art prints, bedding, blankets, lamps, personal pictures, tapestry, stickers, candles, and much more. These are all small and inexpensive items that will enable you to create a cosy and productive space that makes you feel good daily.

Making a nice space for yourself is important for your well-being. As a student, don’t let your budget be your barrier. Follow these top tips for inexpensive ways to decorate your student space.


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