Happy December! I am so excited for Christmas this year, our first one as a family of four and I love that I’m at home for the run up.  Normally I would be stressing about mock exams and drowning in marking so it’s lovely having nothing else to worry about. We’ve been having a really relaxed week, which wasn’t quite what I was expecting.  We’re very lucky in that we have both sets of grandparents close by and they often pop round to see the kids or look after G so I can go to the gym but this week… View Post

One of the aspects of parenting second time round I was most looking forward to was having a pram to push again. There’s something just a little bit wonderful about it and, of course, you want a gorgeous pram or pushchair for your little one (and well for you too). We were recently asked to try out the Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller and I couldn’t have been more excited.  G didn’t last long in the carrycot of his pram as he hates being flat on his back and also hated that he couldn’t really see.  So far he has… View Post

From the moment you announce your first pregnancy people tell you how fast time will go.  You smile at them and nod your head, not truly understanding what they mean, until your baby is born.  Then when your second arrives it feels like time accelerates even more.   It only feels like five minutes ago I was in hospital, sat on the bed waiting for the midwife to collect me to take me down to theatre on that scorching hot day at the end of May.  Now the weather is a lot colder and we have a six month old… View Post

Since having G in the summer it seems more important than ever to spend quality family time together.  I don’t think that is purely down to having another member, O starting school also makes me realise how little family time we have available.  During the week it often feels that I hardly see him, and that’s despite me dropping him off and picking him up everyday so I’m sure this feeling will increase when I’m back at work. Weekends now are so precious and there always seems so much to do in them.  The past three weekends have involved birthday… View Post