The Bucket List {February}

I love the idea of a monthly bucket list, and when the lovely Beth at Twinderelmo tweeted me that she was starting a monthly linkie I was really excited to join in.

February is going to be a fairly quiet month for our house so it will be nice to have a few things to focus on to cheer me up in what can be a bit of a dreary month.

1. Book a summer holiday
This is a slight cheat as I’m planning to do this later today. We have our destination picked and already have some money paid towards it as we were planning to go to Egypt in October but are swapping it for a summer break instead.

2. Cook a romantic Valentines Day dinner for hubby
I’ve gotten a little bit out of the habit of cooking recently, apart from sticking chicken nuggets in the oven (and I can’t really call that cooking) so seeing as we don’t have a babysitter for Valentines Day I’m donning my chefs hat!

Not this Valentines Day!

Not this Valentines Day!

3. Clean my car
I am a complete car slob! There are wrappers and tissues stuffed everywhere, the boot is a mess and there is an odd assortment of toys here, there and everywhere. I always feel a bit happier when my car is clean and tidy, and half term is coming up so time to get it sorted!

4. Buy a sledge
You never think to buy a sledge until the snow falls and then you can’t get one for love nor money so I’m going to get organised and go and get one for the next time it snows, O would love it! (I can hear hubby moaning already about finding somewhere to store it)

Perfect sledge weather

Perfect sledge weather

5. Get Out More
When it’s cold the temptation can be to get myself another hot chocolate and stay warm and cosy inside, and then I feel a bit fed up because I haven’t been anywhere! In February I need to make the effort for all of us to get our big coats on and get out and enjoy the rest of winter with a few nice walks and lots of lovely fresh air.

There we have it, my first bucket list and hopefully five things that shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve.

How can it be February tomorrow already??


Snow, Sun and a Little Bit Of Hope #LittleLoves

It’s all been a bit quiet here on Not A Frumpy Mum for the past couple of weeks. Partly down to a few technical problems (bloomin’ internet) and partly down to life getting in the way of me having time to sit down and spend some quality time with my laptop.

There are times when, as much as I love blogging, it does need to take a back seat because there are simply not enough hours in the day to do everything that I want and something has to give. For the past couple of weeks it has been this.

So for the past couple of weeks this is what we have been loving:

At work we are in the middle of what seems a never-ending mountain of marking, so it feels like the only thing I have read is kids work.


The snow! I love watching snow fall, especially when you don’t really have to be anywhere so yesterday was my perfect day. Hot chocolates whilst watching some big, fat flakes come down.

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Can We Go Home Yet?

The snow has finally arrived!

Outside it’s coming down thick and fast and I’m watching it from the cosiness of my front room, feeling very thankful that today is my day off.

In teaching there are many things that can lead your carefully planned lesson astray; last night’s Facebook kick-off, a puppy love quarrel (and the subsequent tears that come with it), someone accidentally calling you Mum. But nothing compares to the complete derailment that is snow! Forget trying to teach them anything, your lesson is literally out of the window!


It starts as soon as the first few flakes begin to fall, “It’s snowing!” and thirty kids race from their seats to be by the window. To be fair, watching snow fall is a lot more fun than solving quadratic equations so I don’t blame them.

And then the questions start:

“Do you think we’ll get sent home?” No
“How cold does it need to be before they shut the school?” Never going to happen
“We don’t need to do any work now do we?” Ermm, yes
“We’ve got to go home, it’s a health and safety risk!” I’m sure at the age of 15 you can manage to walk on snow
“You want to go home as well, don’t you Miss?” Too right
“Can we have the lesson outside?” Definitely not!
“Can we thrown a snowball at the head, he’ll see the funny side?” I can guarantee you he won’t!

When break does arrive they race out onto the playground as if they have never been allowed outside ever and the fifteen minutes that follow are carnage. Snowballs thrown from every direction whilst staff monitor from corridor windows, far too risky to actually step foot out.  No one wants to be known as the teacher who got the snowball in the face!

Of course, trying to get them in after break is no easy task, and if there’s anything worse than kids who are desperate to be allowed home to play in the snow, it’s wet (and now very cold) kids who are desperate to be allowed home to play in the snow.

The rest of the day is pretty much a write-off. You will have regular updates from the kids about which schools have already closed and they will personally blame you for the fact that they are still in school, “It is so unfair!”

My advice to any teachers out there is to just roll with it. Write a snow poem, draw some symmetrical snowmen pictures or discuss the finer points of Frozen because the kids, for the day, really do care more about the snow than Pythagoras and his theorem. Actually, if i”m being honest, so do I!

Can we go home now?


Post Comment Love

Little Loves 3/52

Happy Friday, how’s your week been? The past couple of weeks have flown by and I am very happy it’s the weekend!  It’ll be February before we know it.

Read I saw this book pop up on Sian at Potty Mouthed Mummys Instagram at the weekend and I had to have it. It arrived on Wednesday and I have just started to read through it.  It’s fab, and   I think most of my weekend will be spent playing with the big camera and finally getting to grips with manual mode.


Watched I caught up with the first episode of the new series of Revenge and looking forward to watching the second on Saturday.  Oh, how I want a holiday home in the Hamptons!

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Dear Teacher, Please Notice Him

Dear Teacher

Last week saw my precious boys first official day at your pre-school.  I dropped him off on Thursday lunchtime and walked home feeling like I was missing an arm.  At 3pm I excitedly came to pick him up and asked you the inevitable question, “How did he get on?”

Your response was: “Good as gold, we hardly knew he was here!”

With those few words my heart sank and have haunted me ever since.  Your words confirmed one of my greatest fears about my little man entering the education system.  I’m a teacher, I know what happens to the good kids.

They spend their school days sat next to the naughties being the good influence.  They’re the kids who quite often don’t get spoken to by the teacher because they can be trusted to get on with things without causing a fuss.  They don’t go on the reward trips because the little sod who acts up every lesson gets a positive point every time he remembers to bring a pen.  They’re the kids who everyday do exactly what is asked of them without ever hearing a Well Done from anyone.

In that moment, I realised something.  I don’t want him to be a good boy if it means you never noticing him.  I don’t want you to have to look up his picture before Parents Evening to make sure you know you’re talking about the right child.

I fear for my little boy as he gets closer to school age.  I watched him at your preschool visit as he desperately tried to get your attention to show you his picture.  I watched him with his hand up so enthusiastically to tell you what words began with a B, but you weren’t really listening.  Too busy telling the boy on the other side of the circle to stop throwing flour.

I fear that over time his enthusiasm will start to wane.  That hand that shoots up so high right now will gradually begin to droop until one day it stops going up at all.

Let me tell you something about my son. He’s a people pleaser, he’s trusting, he’s bright (or at least I think so), he loves football and animals.  He can recognise and name almost every airline that flies out of Manchester Airport.  He will tell you all of this himself if you give him the chance to.

I know you are busy and I know it’s difficult when you have 20 or more kids to look after (believe me, I know).  There will always be some that demand more attention than others, but that little boy is my world and he is certainly not invisible.  Please don’t forget he’s there!

Yours sincerely

A Worried Mummy


And then the fun began...

The Drive Home

This week has seen the return to work and busy mornings trying to get everyone out of the house and where they need to be on time.

Every morning it saddens me a little that I have to leave O. To hear his little voice asking, “where me going today Mummy?’. It upsets me much more than it upsets him, he’s happy to play with Nana or Grandma or his friends at nursery and with a quick kiss and a cuddle for me he’s off.

And off I go to work. Obviously he’s always there in the back of my mind but the 150ish other kids I see during the day keep me busy and the day usually does fly by without time to think about how much I miss my boy. Once I’m at work I am in teacher mode and the mum part of me takes a back seat.

But then it starts to get close to home time. And the mum in me starts to resurface and the excitement starts to build. As I’m sat in the after school meeting, or in my revision class I’m watching the clock tick down.

As I get into my car to start the drive home I can’t help but smile because I know I’m going home to my gorgeous son. The stresses off the day slip away and all I can think about is getting a hug from my little man.

It’s been just over two years since I returned to work after becoming a mum and that feeling on the drive home is still as special as it was on my first day. Knowing that I’m on my way to see O, to see his little face light up as he runs over for a cuddle, and hearing his voice shout, “It’s my mummy!”

One of those moments when being a mum can make you feel a million dollars.


mummy daddy me

Little Loves 2/52

Back to normality this week! Although the Christmas break was lovely it it nice to get back to a bit of routine.

Read Honestly, not a lot. I’ve not even managed to pick my book up this week.  Must do better!

Watched It’s been a good week for TV hasn’t it? Monday kicked off with Broadchurch (how good was it?), and we’ve also been watching Silent Witness and The Undateables. I’ve watched the series start of The 100 (not hubby’s cup of tea) and I have the new series of Revenge on Sky+ which I’m saving for Saturday afternoon when O has his nap. I’m actually a little bit giddy to watch Revenge, can’t wait! xx

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