How’s your week been?  It’s been a fairly quiet one here, and I am really enjoying that there isn’t anywhere that we desperately need to be.  Maybe it’s because it’s January and I don’t want to be far from home and maybe it’s because I know my maternity days are coming to an end and I want to get organised at home.  Usually I’m climbing the walls if I don’t get out I’m just loving being here at the moment.  Apologies in advance for what is probably not the most exciting Little Loves! Read We’ve been doing some Disneyland Paris research… View Post

Moving your baby into their own room is such a big step.  I put it off for as long as I possibly could with G.  I loved having him beside me in his Moses basket but at almost 6 months it was no longer a comfortable option for him.  Whilst he could just about fit it didn’t leave any space for him to wriggle around.  With a very heavy heart I started to think about how to make the transition to his nursery as easy as possible. When the lovely people from The Little Green Sheep got in contact to… View Post

I was so excited to be able to join in with The Siblings Project when G was born and loved taking picture of them both together.  Towards the end of last year life got a bit busy and despite taking the photos, I didn’t actually get around to writing up my Siblings post.  Something I am quite annoyed about now as there will a gap in the monthly photos (I may go back and write up the posts in anyway, just for me!) The last Siblings post I wrote was back in September when G was three and a half… View Post

Happy Friday, hope you’ve had a lovely week. It has been our first full week being back to normal after the Christmas hols and G has decided that he would much rather spend his evenings with mummy and daddy than alone in his bedroom. All my grand plans to spend my evenings on blogging have gone out of the window but I am enjoying lots of sleepy cuddles with my gorgeous boy so for now the bloggy stuff can take a back seat. Read Not that much but I did love this post on a positive mindset from Becky over… View Post