For years I have wanted a fur gilet.  Every year when Autumn has rolled around I have lusted after one in the shops but always chickened out of actually buying one.  I’m not even sure why, just a feeling that it wasn’t quite me.  Maybe a bit too showy, a bit too “look at me”.  Stupid right?

Last week I popped into Next and they had the most beautiful one at the front of the shop and on a bit of an impulse I picked it up to try it on.  I’d originally gone in to get a pair of jeans to throw on for the school run in the morning but seeing as I was heading to the changing rooms anyway, I thought I’d give it a go.

As soon as I tried it on it was a must-have.  It is so soft and so cosy I just couldn’t bring myself to put it back, and I was already planning what I would wear it with.  After playing around with it, and trying on half my wardrobe, I think the fur (fake, obvs) works really well to glamour up a smart to casual outfit.




I’ve teamed the gilet up with a pair of Next skinny jeans, a plain cream blouse also from Next, a New Look necklace (an absolute bargain in the sales) and a pair of black ankle boots.  For too long I steered clear of ankle boots and opted for knee highs but after buying a great pair from Marks and Spencers last year I have re-discovered my love for them.


Layering is perfect for Autumn and I love this look.  I had always worried that a fur gilet would be something that would sit in my wardrobe unworn but I feet really comfortable in this, and definitely not frumpy!



I’m actually surprised with how many things this does go with that I already own.  It looks really lovely with my denim pinafore dress and also with a few skirts that I have so I’ll definitely be getting my moneys worth from it this year.


Sometimes being a mum of two little boys meaning having to choose practicality over fashion but this is something that I can throw on easily to add a bit of glamour to any outfit.  And we all need a bit of that in our lives don’t we?

Disclosure: Post written in collaboration.

Cuddle Fairy



Is it just me or are the weeks going way too quickly?  I can’t believe we are almost in October, and I can’t believe I’ve still not had to dig my black tights out yet.  Whilst I’m enjoying the warmer weather I’m ready for Autumn now.


The one blog post I needed to read this week was this one from Kate at Pouting From Heels, Wanna Ditch Your Blog?  It’s something that has been really playing on my mind recently and I have been giving some serious thought about jacking it all in.  After reading the post I realised I’m not happy with my blog at the moment and I need to be the one to change it.  Ultimately I think I want to be more lifestyle than parenting and that isn’t what I’m writing about at the moment.  I need to set aside some time to sit and tinker around, watch this space!


Mostly Narcos season 2 this week, we have 2 episodes to go and it’s getting exciting! Is anyone else watching it?


I’ve made a few Autumn purchases this week.  After having a morning where I sulked at my husband for having nothing to wear I popped to Next and picked up some jeans and a comfy jumper (with pockets) for the school run in the morning which I’m hoping looks coolly casual but is also something I can throw on without having a meltdown that nothing fits.  I also picked up something which I have wanted for years but am not really sure it’s me.  I love it but it’s one of those things I worry will sit in the wardrobe.  I’m going to try a fashion post next week so will reveal all then!


A neon pink tutu skirt, pink gloves, crimped hair and a lot of bright pink eyeshadow.  Oh yes, it was Icons of the 80’s night last week.  We may have had some funny looks but we had a great time.


T’Pau, Nick Kershaw and the absolute highlight was Go West singing “King of Wishful Thinking”.  There was some very bad singing along and a bit of drunken dancing, and because I am such a party animal I was back home for 11pm.

And Lastly…

We’ve been making some holiday plans this week for next Summer.  When O was 6 months we went to the Sensatori in Egypt and loved it. They have since opened one in Ibiza that we both love the look of. After a bit of discussion we’ve decided to book it for next year. I love having a holiday booked to look forward to and am already getting excited!

How’s your week been? Hope it’s been a good one.

One day I won’t feel as tired as I do today.

One day we won’t have hectic mornings where there are two little people to get dressed and ready and out of the door on time.

One day my big boy won’t want to hold my hand on the way to school. Instead he’ll want to walk with his friends whilst I hover behind.

One day my baby won’t gently grab my top as he feeds, feeling safe and comforted by just being in my arms.  He won’t look up, catch my eye and give me his cheekiest grin.

One day I won’t hear someone cry for Mummy in the middle of the night, for no other reason than because he needs to see my face.

One day my back won’t ache from carrying around the car seat, knocking into doors as I misjudge the space for the hundredth time.

One day the chunky baby legs won’t be chunky anymore. The double chins will slim down, the dimples on those tiny hands will disappear.

One day I won’t have to carry the huge Mum bag around with me.  In it’s place will be something smaller, a bit prettier, a lot lighter.

One day I won’t have to watch Power Rangers on repeat, or Paw Patrol, or Peppa.

One day I won’t have bedtime stories to read, or sleepy cuddles on the couch as night time beckons.

One day I won’t rock a baby to sleep, standing in the lounge swaying them from side to side, patting their bottom until eyelids grow heavy.

One day I won’t be able to make everything in my boys worlds better with a hug and a mummy kiss.

One day I won’t be Mummy anymore, I’ll be Mum.

But one day isn’t here yet.

I’m in no rush for one day.

I’m happy with today.

mummy daddy me

One of my must have buys with a new baby is a play gym.  As babies gradually start to gain interest in toys a gym in the perfect play to lie them so they can see the bright colours around them.  For me the brighter the better.

We had a play gym for O and we dug it out of storage when G came along.  Sadly it looked a little worse for wear as I started to remember how we had lost several of the toy attachments as we had taken them off for O to play with separately.  When I was offered the chance to review the Fisher-Price Rainforest Deluxe play gym I was delighted.  G is just starting to take an interest in toys and the timing could not have been more perfect.


The gym arrived and it looked great.  Lots of bright colours and lots of toy attachments.  My first impression when taking the gym out of the packaging was that the mat seemed a bit small, but I put that to one side for a minute and put the rest of it together.

It was very easy to assembly and the musical toucan that sits on top is an extra bonus. As baby gets older this can be taken off and played with separately.  We’re not at that stage yet but G loved the music and sounds that it makes, as did my 4 year old too!

There are 8 moveable activity toys that come with the gym which can be placed high for younger babies to look at but they can also be moved to lower parts of the gym to encourage older babies to reach out and grab them.


One of G’s favourite things about the gym is the mirror, he loves to look at himself and I liked that it gave a good quality reflection, and that it was big enough so he could see his full face.


On the mat itself there are also parts to keep babies interest, such as the leaf that crinkles when you grab it.  G is still mostly at the staring at the toys stage but there are so many different ways that this gym will grow with him and keep him amused.  As he gets older he will be able to reach up for the toys and play with the giant giraffe (well, giant for a 3 month old).


My only concern was the size of the mat, I think ideally it could be a little bit bigger, but it’s size has meant that G has found a little game of his own which he loves to play.  By laying him diagonally on the mat he discovered he could kick the bars and it would make the gym and the toys shake.  On a larger mat he wouldn’t be able to reach to do this so it’s small size does have some advantages.

I have been really impressed with the Fisher Price Rainforest Gym, it has kept G happy so I can tidy the house around him and the way in which he will play with it will develop over time. In the past few days he has just started to grab for toys on his bouncer so I don’t think it will be long before he is doing that here.  I would say that if you were placing this on a hard floor you would probably need a mat or towel underneath as the padding isn’t that thick.  I’ve placed it on our rug and that has been fine.

The gym has been a hit with my little man and as it isn’t huge, it can be easily moved away at the end of the day so it doesn’t dominate the living room.  The key features for me are the number of additional toys and the noisy toucan.  With these baby is not going to get bored any time soon.

Disclosure: I was sent the Fisher-Price Rainforest Deluxe Gym for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.