Toogiez Review

As a mum to a two year old boy,  there isn’t that much choice when it comes to what they can wear, especially in the summer. Shorts and t-shirts, maybe a pair of dungarees, and not much else. This isn’t helped by the fact that I’m a bit of a fusspot about what he wears. I don’t want O to look like a mini adult in clothes that are far too grown up for him, but at the same time I don’t want him to look like a baby now that he’s a fully fledged toddler.

When I was contacted by the two lovely Noas about reviewing a new range of toddler t-shirts I was a little bit excited. The range of Toogiez looked like great fun and something O would really enjoy wearing. The idea is that toddlers can attach their favourite plushy character to their t-shirts and take them with them when they’re out and about or simply pottering around at home.


We were sent a prototype of the t-shirt with Derek the pirate. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for the arrival of a new pirate pal as we have been reading Pirate Pete’s Potty constantly with the introduction of Potty Training so he was very quickly renamed Pirate Pete.


O was so excited to have a little Pirate Pete to take with him wherever he went. He loved taking him off his t-shirt and sticking him back on, and quickly became very protective off him. “Careful mummy” he told me as he tucked Pirate Pete into my pocket for safe-keeping.


One of my concerns had been that the Velcro part of the t-shirt (where Pete would attach) would stick out like a sore thumb when he was wasn’t there but this wasn’t the case. The star blends in perfectly with the design on the shirt. My other concern was how well Pete would stick when O was putting him back in place as he doesn’t have the best aim to get him perfectly lined up. Even with only a corner of the star attached Pete was stuck securely so no worries about losing him (I don’t think I could cope with the traumatised toddler if he did go missing!)

We were sent a prototype for review but you can see the full range on the Toogiez website, and even help this exciting new company get off the ground by visiting their Kickstarter.

Disclaimer: we were sent a Toogiez t-shirt free of charge for the purpose of this review but all thoughts are our own.

Potty Pressure


We’ve been counting down the days to the school holidays. Not only for the fact that being off work is brill, but because it seemed the perfect time to start potty training. Potty ready, big boy pants bought and a copy of Pirate Pete’s Potty and we were ready to go.

If you have seen any of my tweets over the past few days you’ll know it hasn’t exactly gone according to plan. In fact, it’s been a bloody disaster. To be honest, I’ve doubted a little that he was ready, but with my mother in law telling me how hubby’s sister was fully trained at 16 months I was started to feel a little bit under pressure.

O doesn’t seem to have the awareness of when he needs to go and this has been proved over the last couple of days. After 8 outfit changes on Monday and a flat out refusal to sit on his potty by the end of the day I was counting down the minutes until bedtime when I could legitimately stick his nappy back on (any ideas of tackling night time too were well and truly out of the window), put him to bed and reach for the wine!

A 5am wake up on Day 2 did not bode well. A grumpy tired toddler and a knackered mummy was not a good place to start. Even when I could get O to sit on the potty he wouldn’t do anything and within seconds of getting off would do a huge pee on the floor. There’s something a little heartbreaking about your tiny 2 year old telling you he’s too little for the potty yet!

Three pairs of pants later and after an increasingly desperate mum trying to bribe him with anything just to sit on his potty (I mean, who tries to bribe their son with breadsticks!!) we were both at breaking point. I was having flashbacks to the weaning stage when I sat bawling my eyes out because he wouldn’t eat my puréed avocado.

So f*ck it! Life’s too short to spend the summer holidays I’ve been so looking forward to trapped in the house for fear of accidents and with a traumatised toddler because his mum thinks he should be potty trained because a couple of her friends kids are.

Maybe I’m giving up too soon and maybe I’m taking the easy way out, but as his mum I feel he needs more time. His potty will still be hanging around, we’ll still be reading all about Pirate Pete, but I’ll take the pace a bit more from him and stop stressing us both out.

As they say, he’ll do it when he’s ready!

A huge thank you to the lovely ladies on Twitter and Instagram who have offered tips and advice, or just passed over some virtual wine. It’s all been very gratefully received!

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Living Arrows – The Garden

Whilst the weather has been so amazing, and with the start of my summer holidays, we spent most of last week in the garden.  I have to admit the garden is originally the only reason we came to view the house, but we both fell in love with it instantly.

O loves being outside and always wants to help.


I didn’t even need to ask him to fill up the pool, I went to turn on the water and came back to find he was already doing it.


The hot weather is the perfect excuse to cool down in the paddling pool.


What could be more fun than trying to splash Mummy with water?

Time for the camera to go away now before it gets a soaking!

living arrows

Love The Little Things #30

Here it is, the summer holidays have finally arrived!  I’m so excited at the thought of no more work for 5 weeks and lots of time spent with my gorgeous little man.  As I’m always off on a Thursday it feels like today is the first day of the hols and I’m loving that the wonderful weather is continuing.

Read More trashy mags! Yesterday I had my very much needed hair appointment and it gives me a chance for a cup of tea in peace with a stack of Heat and Closer magazines.  I’m now fully up to speed in the lives of the Kardashians and anyone from TOWIE!

Watched Ooh, me and the Big Mr watched a film, together!  Okay, not exactly breaking news but if feels like such a long time since we did.  It was a bit of an oldie, and whilst not being the best film ever it passed away a couple of hours!  It was SWAT with Colin Farrell (that may have something to do with why it held me attention so long ;-)


The main reason we don’t get to watch films together too often is because my husband can’t manage to stay awake through one.  Saturday was a classic example of this leaving me to watch Rise of The Planet of the Apes on my lonesome.  I’m not normally into this sort of film but actually quite liked it and after being told how great the sequel is I think I’m going to have to book a babysitter in to go and watch it.


Whilst the weather has been so great we spent most of yesterday afternoon chilling in the garden with the paddling pool out.  I loved watching O having a ball playing with the water.


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The Toddler House Takeover

10 signs that your home is being taken over by your toddler:

1. The biggest clue is the pile of crap toys that will congregate in one corner of the living room.  I swear that pile multiplies over night! And you can’t get rid of anything, ever, because as soon as you try to sneak something away (you know, something that they have played with for 5 minutes about 6 months ago) it suddenly becomes their most treasured possession!


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The Ordinary Moments – Hide and Seek

O loves a game of hide and seek.  It’s  one of his faves, but there is something you need to know.  He is the worst hide and seeker ever!  Honestly, he is!

His seeking skills aren’t great.  Whilst counting to ten he will have a sneaky peek from behind his hands (great big cheater) and despite this he can still miss seeing someone who is virtually in front of his face!

But it’s his hiding skills that are truly terrible!

He always chooses to hide in the place where he has just found someone.  Originality is not his forte, and he hasn’t quite grasped the concept that he has to hide the whole of himself rather than just his face.  If he can’t see us, we musn’t be able to see him.

Whilst he is being sought he will giggle away (loudly) whilst the other person is looking for him, a bit of a giveaway as to where he is, no matter how much I try to tell him hiding is the time to be as quiet as you possibly can!

And if all this still hasn’t resulted in him being found, when he hears the words “O, where are you?” (because you can’t play hide and seek with a 2 year old without having a running commentary on every detail) he pipes up “I’m here!” and then usually runs out from his hiding spot.


I love that the hasn’t quite grasped it.  It’s so sweet to hear his little giggle giving away where he is, and maybe he just wants to be found as quickly as possible!  It doesn’t matter that he isn’t the best hide and seeker because as long as we’re all laughing whilst we play it, that’s all that really matters.

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