Embracing Soft Play

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve not been the biggest fan of soft play centres. But as the weather is taking a turn for the worst and I have a very active almost 3 year old I’m starting to see they have their benefits.


1. You can get a cup of (admittedly, not so great) coffee and entrance all for under a fiver during the week. Bargain!

2. They have free craft time, which means your little one can make as much mess as they like and you don’t have to clean it up.


3. Where else can you play on the trampoline and have a ride on the big slide without looking like a bit of a weirdo!

4. As long as your son/daughter isn’t the one kicking off you can feel a bit smug (and relieved) that it isn’t your turn to carry your toddler out kicking and screaming because they don’t want to leave.

5. If you’re lucky you may get a few minutes peace to make contact with the outside world (thank god for wi-fi) whilst your little one runs up and down like a loony.

6. Bribery is everything, and it’s amazing how well behaved a 2 year old will be around Tesco with the promise of a trip to the play centre at the end.

7. Free balloons on sticks, enough said!

8. And the cherry on the cake is that if you get your timing right and head home at just the right time you’ll get a get good couple of hours of napping because after all that running around they’re bloomin’ knackered!

So yes, my heart may sink a little as we pull into the car park but every cloud has a silver lining and all that! Now please don’t let O be the one who screams the place down at home time!

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Lemon Meringue Cake


I don’t often make big cakes, but I do try to make this a few times a year. I love the contrast of the soft sponge and the crunchy meringue and the filling is pretty yummy too. I also love that it’s not too tricky to make although getting the cake out of the tins without cracking the meringue it pretty much impossible, but that’s where the icing sugar comes in. It hides a multitude of sins! Plus I like the home-made look that you end up with.¬† Continue reading

Love The Little Things #42

We’ve been having a bit of a quiet week here as my little man had been poorly with gastroenteritis since last Friday. It all kicked off with him creeping into our bed at 1am and then proceeding to throw up all over it (it was fresh bedding too!) So last weekend was spent cuddling on the couch and not really venturing far from home!

Read Apart from a bit of blog catching up, not very much. I even bought myself a couple of magazines in preparation for a weekend at home but then never got round to reading them. They’ll be my train entertainment on the way to Birmingham for Blogcamp tomorrow!

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The X-Factor Generation


I work in what was once (before they were scrapped and replaced with Academies and Free Schools) a Performing Arts College. Not actually a college, but a regular school that got a bit of extra money to focus on drama and stuff!

As a Maths teacher, drama, dance and art are really not my bag (and if you’ve ever heard me sing you’d know why), and as we were a performing arts school there was always someone singing, or playing music somewhere on site. It can at times be sweet, almost endearing, and formed a big culture of the school.

But I have to let you into a little secret. I shouldn’t really admit this but I find 99% of pupils performances the most toe-curlingly painful and embarassing sights to behold.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been privileged enough to see some absolutely amazingly talented young people over the past 12 years. Performances that leave you stunned they are only teenagers and leave you with a warm and fuzzy inside, with an almost maternal pride at seeing “your” kiddies up there.

Unfortunately there’s the other end of the scale, the performances that you’d pay good money not to watch, but out of teacher’s duty you sit there to support.

I’ve heard Mariah Carey’s Hero ruined more times that I care to remember, and seeing two eleven year old girls performing a very unique version of Liberty X’s Just A Little Bit has scarred me for life. I can’t hear Robbie Williams Rock DJ without having a flashback to one of our talent shows and a spectacularly terrible interpretation of it, dance moves and all!

It doesn’t help the staff room is situated above the drama studio so my frees are spent listening to One Day More (Les Mis) with varying degrees of success!

Whilst I have huge respect for anyone (regardless of age) who puts themselves out there, I do worry what this leads to. It’s one thing standing up in your year 7 talent show and having a bit of a laugh, but then you see these people in ten years time on X-Factor or Britains Got Talent throwing a strop because they they haven’t got through because for years they have been told they are wonderful singers when they are barely better than average.

Better to find that out now, than be one of the “funnies” on a Saturday night TV in 4 or 5 years time!

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Just Being Mum {The Ordinary Moments}

Motherhood is full of amazing and wonderful moments.

Starting from the day you see that second line on a pregnancy test, becoming a mum is full of excitement and terror in equal measure. The most unbelievable highs and moments where you’d chop off your right arm to protect the tiny person you created.

A world full of firsts and days where you feel so proud you could burst.

But then there are all the days inbetween.

The moments where you are just ticking along. Life is a whirl of washing and ironing, cooking, packing bags, bedtime routines and far too early mornings.

Nights where you’re changing bed sheets at 2am because your little one is sick. When you’ve had a beaker of milk spilt in your lap, and then been accidentally head butted in the nose (yes,this was my Friday night). Days when you have barely moved from the sofa, your hair is scraped back in a scruffy pony and the washing machine has not stopped all day trying to clean the sick stained bedding.

The very unglamourous times of being a mum. But the moments I want to bottle up and cherish. The times when my 2 year old needs me more than ever. When nothing but mummy cuddles will do.

When he wants me to just be his mum.


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Love The Little Things #40/41

Last week I was forced to take a little blogging break as our internet went down for a few days, so was unable to join in with last weeks little loves. So I’m going to combine the past 2 weeks worth of nice things and this is what we have been loving…

Read For the past 2 weeks O has asked for the same book for story time every night. Norman The Silly Slug! I do really like the book but every night! We had a bit of a break last night and read Peepo, lovely to have something different!

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