My Top Five Baby Buys

When I was pregnant with O I worried constantly about making sure we would have everything we needed.  I researched, I spoke to friends, I read all the baby magazines about what would be the best brands to buy, what were essentials and what would we probably be able to get away without. It’s only […] Read more…


Cuddledry Apron Towel Review

When I was pregnant with O a Cuddledry towel was one of the items on my wish list.  I’d seen them on Dragons Den, I’d seen them in the shops and I loved the idea of them.  Unfortunately, as O was our first child and we needed to buy everything from scratch I couldn’t quite […] Read more…

Our tiny bean at 6 weeks

Almost Over Before It Had Began

Throughout my first pregnancy I never had any doubt that it would all end well.  There may have been the tiniest of wobbles on the morning of our 12 week scan but, other than that, I was so confident everything would turn out as it should.  My husband was the worrier and panicked at every […] Read more…

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