Love The Little Things #47

Without exaggerating last weekend was probably my best one of the year so far. A bit of me-time, a bit of couple time and lots of family time. I enjoyed every minute and spent a whole heap of time with all my favourite people.


Read Lots of lovely birthday messages from my family and friends. On Sunday we had a full family meal (there were fourteen of us in total) at Nutters restaurant and they had made special menus with Happy Birthday for the table which was a lovely surprise when we sat down.

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More Than Just A Target


Back when I was at 6th form college I remember asking my teachers what my target grades were for my A-levels.  I was in the middle of applying to university and as each course had varying requirements it would have been useful to know what my actual target grades were to make sure I was applying to places I had a reasonable chance of being accepted at.

My schools policy was not to allow students access to them.  Obviously the stroppy 17 year old that I was then moaned and whinged, but they stood firm and to this day I don’t know what my school thought I should have got.

Oh, how times have changed!

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Love The Little Things #46

This has been a bit of a crazy week.  It started with a 10k obstacle course on Saturday completing Survival of the Fittest in Manchester.  We arrived way too early and spent an hour and a half shivering in the wind and rain but as we started the race the sun came out.  I did find it tough, much tougher than I expected and the reason why soon became clear as I was hit by a lovely bout of gastroenteritis .  On Tuesday I did something I haven’t done in years (if ever) and spent a whole day in bed!

Anyway, that’s enough of the negatives, let’s focus on the good things of the week because there have been a lot of those despite the sickness with the highlight being celebrating my special little man turning 3 on Wednesday.

Read To be honest, not a lot.  I’ve struggled to concentrate on much this week but I have been catching up on a bit of blog reading and have the lovely Emma (Life At The Little Wood) to thank for making me a blubbing mess on Wednesday with her post about her gorgeous son Noah and his tale of unrequited love.  A real tear-jerker for any mum of boys.

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Proper Grown Up

When I turned 21 my best friend bought me a card with the words Proper Grown Up on the front. Turning 21 felt so much older than being 18, so yes,  for a while I did feel quite the adult.

In reality, I wasn’t even close. At 21 I was still at uni which meant afternoons watching Diagnosis Murder and Thursday nights spent partying away at LA’s nightclub (if you have ever been to Hull back in the day you’ll know what I’m talking about).

I remember laughing at the idea of an over 25’s night because lets be honest who would ever want to go out once you got that old? Oh, how I would love to be 25 again.

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Charlie Banana Training Pants and Swim Nappy {Review}

When I was first offered the chance to review Charlie Banana 2 in 1 Training Pants and Swim Nappy the plan was to use them as an aid to potty training as my 2 year old was reaching the stage where I thought we were ready to ditch the nappies.

However, after an initial very shaky start he did pick it up quite quickly so we didn’t get round to using them for this purpose and they sat in the cupboard for a little bit too long.

A couple of weeks ago we headed up to my parents caravan in North Wales and one of the on-site facilities is a really lovely swimming pool, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to try out our Charlie Banana pants using them for their swim nappy purpose.

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Happy Birthday Baby Boy

I know you hate me calling you baby boy. You are always so quick to tell me you’re not a baby, you’re a big boy. As you turn 3 today, you are certainly a big boy, my love.

At 6:24am three years ago you eventually made your entrance. Even back then you could never be made to do something you didn’t want. You get that stubbornness from your dad. Okay, and a little from me too!

I remember sitting in my hospital bed just staring at you and how amazing you were. I still do that now sweetheart, because you really are amazing. Every day you make me and your daddy so very proud of you.

I love how affectionate you are, how nobody can leave the house without a kiss and a cuddle. I love how you tell Daddy off if you think he hasn’t given me a long enough cuddle. My favourite time are when we’re snuggling on the couch close to bedtime and you will pipe up, “I love you mummy!”

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Penpals At Home (Review)

Maybe it’s the teacher in me that made me jump at the chance to review Cambridge University Press’s Penpals At Home books. Or maybe it’s that I’m just a mum who is fully aware that my little man will be starting pre-school in a couple of months and the more I can do to help his progress the better.


We’ve really encouraged his counting and he can quite confidently write his name (if you don’t mind that the letters are all different sizes and all over the page) but I loved the idea of being able to help him start to write more, especially as he loves having a pen in his hand.

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