Love The Little Things #37

It’s been a funny week really. The new school term is well under way, and the summer holidays feel as if they never happened. I’ve been busy training, and we’ve got a big decision to make in the next few weeks which is scary and exciting all at the same time. Enough rambling, let’s focus on the good stuff!

Read I read a bit of my holiday book! On Sunday night I had a lovely bath and read my book, bliss!

Watched Educating the East End. I was completely addicted to Educating Yorkshire so was very excited when I saw the advert for the new series. Nothing better than watching stroppy kids with attitude knowing you don’t have to be the one to sort them out!
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They say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.


I disagree.

Maybe I’m being a tad dramatic, but I don’t feel strong.

As we are about to embark on our 3rd year of trying for a second child I no longer have any strength left, and I feel weak!

In the 2 years we have been trying I have watched some friends debate whether to have a child, some struggle through the pain of miscarriage, but then the subsequent joy of giving birth to a much wanted second child.

And we’re still here.

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Learning To Let Go

Up until now I’ve generally been quite laid back when it comes to things O related. I’ve never been one to wrap him up in cotton wool or sterilise everything he comes into contact with and it’s worked for us.

Until now!

As he gets older I’m starting to realise I will have less and less control over keeping my little boy safe, and to be honest, it scares the bejesus out of me.

It all started with a trip to a new playground.

As we walked round I realised that none of the slides (my little boys favourite) had steps. The only way you could get to the top of the slide was by climbing. My first reaction was huge disappointment because O wouldn’t be able to reach them without my help, and if there’s one thing O loves it’s being independent!

As I looked around I saw the other kids, all around his age, were climbing up. So of course, I showed my little boy how he could climb up himself. Half of me felt huge pride at how quickly he picked it up, the other half was terrified at the thought of him slipping and hurting himself so I hovered around him like an annoying (and very big) bee!


Then we saw this! And okay, this one did have steps!


A slide I know I would have loved as a kid, but as a mum it made me want to weep. As my 2 year old eyed it up, I quickly told him he was too little for the big slide. But was he? There were toddlers (some obviously younger than him) climbing to the top and happily sliding down.

Reluctantly I agreed to letting him have a go (yes, that little man can wrap me round his little finger). He carefully climbed to the top, sat down and slid his way to the bottom, with my heart in my mouth the entire time.

Off he climbed again, only this time he grabbed the handrail before sitting his bum down. The result being he was left hanging at the top and was too scared to let go and slide. Tears ran down his face and he called for Mummy.

I wanted to get to him, I wanted to run up the steps, wrap him up in my arms and keep him safe, but another parent was stood halfway up and there was no way of me getting past. Tears pricked my eyes as panic set in.

The only thing I could do was try and talk him through it. Feet down, stand up, sit and slide. It sounds silly looking back now, but at the time I felt so helpless and so scared for my tiny man. He did listen, and he managed to get down. Walking over to me with a sheepish smile on his face, “I did it, Mummy”.  Before running off to do it all over again.

Those couple of minutes on the park represented the future of our relationship. I need to learn to let go and let him try things for himself.  I can’t always do it for him, but when I can’t, I’ll be there, somewhere nearby, talking him through it step by step.

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The Last Days of Summer

It’s a fact the best weather of the summer will be the week before the schools break up and the week they go back. After the past couple of weeks being a bit of a washout the sun has made a reappearance just in time for the return to work.

It’s times like this where I appreciate my Thursdays off more than ever. Last Thursday was a beautiful day and I was determined to enjoy what could be one of the last good days of summer.

The original plan was to head over to Gullivers World as I think O is getting to the age where he would like some of the gentler rides, and with the schools being back in I figured it would be quiet. Well, yes it would have been, it was closed, and is now only opening on weekends. Thank goodness for the the internet and the ability to check before driving over.

Instead we headed over to a local park which has a play area, crazy golf, a children’s zoo and lots of lovely gardens to walk around. We arrived early and O loved the playground. He’s a big slide fan and there were plenty there to keep him amused.


Of course, on seeing the mini Thomas train ride, O wanted a go. The boy is crazy for planes, trains and cars so I would have been a very mean Mummy to say no.


More slide fun before a trip round the little zoo. I’m a little bit worried my son may develop a Peacock phobia after this cheeky one kept following him around.


And a lovely morning was rounded off with a trip to Pizza Hut for a late lunch. Somewhere I haven’t been for years but we had a lovely meal and chat, and it didn’t cost very much either.


Sometimes I can be a bit lazy on a Thursday and after spending the morning chilling at home it feels like we’ve wasted the day. After having so much fun with O this week I’ll be making more of an effort to get out and enjoy ourselves, especially whilst we still have a bit of warm weather and sun.

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Love The Little Things #36

My first week back is over and it’s never as bad as you think, is it? But I always forget how completely exhausting that first week is. It’s been lovely to catch up with the classes I taught last year and meet my new ones too. A lot of this week has been getting back up to speed with work stuff but I have had a bit of time to appreciate some little things.

Read For the second half of the summer holidays I’ve not been able to log on to my work emails so it was a lovely surprise to find two emails from a couple of my sixth formers when I did check them on Monday.


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