Hospitals, Brits and Comfy Pants #LittleLoves

It’s been a very strange week here, there hasn’t been too much normality at all.  On Wednesday I had to go to hospital for a very minor op, nothing serious but I was really worried as I didn’t know what to expect.  It was fine, the hospital staff were amazing and made me feel so at ease and the sedative drugs were great so I felt a bit drunk and then just fell straight to sleep, and for a few seconds when I woke up I thought I was back at home when I woke up.  It went much better than expected and we ended the week with some very good news.

In what has been a roller coaster week these have been my highlights:

I knew I was going to be waiting around the hospital for a while on Wednesday so I took a couple of magazine with me to read, and reminded myself of why I rarely read magazines anymore. It made me realise how much more I prefer reading blogs. I don’t care what’s going on with the Kardashians, I’d rather keep up to date with my favourite blogs. Saying that though I am really behind with my blog reading and commenting as I’ve been a bit wiped out since Wednesday. I do now have a week off work to recuperate so planning a commenting marathon to catch up.

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Why I’ll Never Be Outstanding!


Once upon a time in the not to distant past I strived to be an outstanding teacher. I wanted to be the inspirational educator students told their future kids about. Okay, I was young and naive back then but it was where I aimed to be.

After 13 years in the job I now know that, according to Ofsted criteria, I will never be outstanding and for the following reasons:

1. I don’t care about QMA (Quality Mark Assesment) sheets being completed in their books. I have taught them, marked their books, marked their tests, returned their tests with feedback and spoke to kids individually about their results. I have congratulated the students who have done well whilst trying to encourage and support the students who have been disappointed. Now having recorded their scores in my planner and inputted them on the computer I am now told if a separate sheet isn’t also filled in to be stuck in students book (bearing in mind they already have the original tests in their books with the score) I am to be deemed inadequate! (I hate that word!)
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The Garden Shed Upgrade

There is definitely a hint of Spring in the air.  You can buy daffodils in the shops, there are snowdrops dotted around and it isn’t quite as bitterly cold as it has been.

With the (slightly) warmer weather thoughts start to turn to summer and those lazy days spent chilling in the back garden.  One of my favourite areas of our house is the garden, it was the only reason we originally came to view our house.

One thing that does slightly niggle me about the garden is this:

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Movies, Walks and My Favourite Boy #LittleLoves

I’m normally very excited that it’s Friday but this week it makes me a little bit sad because it marks the start of the end of the half term holiday.  I’ve had a lovely time with O during the past week, he really is at a great age and it’s been such good fun spending time with him this week.

I really need to work on this one more for next week. Apart from some blog reading and a lot of googling I haven’t read too much. I’m off to the supermarket later so might treat myself to a book.

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First Smiles {My Captured Moment}


This picture was taken on our second wedding anniversary in December 2011. We had booked into the Hilton in Manchester and taken our 5 week old little boy with us. We had a lovely day pottering around the Christmas markets with O all snuggled up nice and cosy in his pram.

As we weren’t quite brave enough to venture too far from the hotel we booked dinner in their restaurant and O was such a good boy he slept the entire time we were eating. He woke up just as we were heading back to the room, so we lay him on the huge double bed between us. Then something amazing happened, he smiled at us for the very first time!

Before quickly falling back asleep.

Running in Lavender

The Start Of The Holidays #LittleLoves

Today is not just a normal Friday. Yes it’s Friday the 13th, but more importantly its the marks the start of February half term. The Christmas holidays are lovely, but they are always so busy it’s nice to get this week off in Feb to spend a little time doing not much at all. We don’t really have any plans for next week, out with some friends and their kids on Sunday and that’s about it. We may pop to the cinema to watch Big Hero 6 as O has never been and generally do whatever takes our fancy, can’t wait!

One of my favourite posts I read this week was from Suzanne over at 3 Children and It, The Truth About Homework. As a teacher I always love to hear parents views on homework. At work one parent can complain too much is being set and another that there isn’t enough, and they can be from the same class! You just can’t win sometimes.

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Snowed In {My Captured Moment}


This photo reminds me of one of the happiest times in my life.  We got married in December 2009 and had moved into our forever home two weeks before that.  We had spent the Christmas holidays living in a newlywed bubble in our new house, before returning to work in January.

After the first day back in it snowed heavily overnight and after attempting to get my car off the drive (and getting it stuck) I waited for news to see whether school would be open.  It wasn’t, and hubby’s work was closed too.  We spent the day walking in the snow and heading to our local pub for lunch where we sat booking our honeymoon as our internet wasn’t yet up and running.

As it turned out my school was closed for the rest of the week and I spent the extra holiday pottering around our new home and village.  The perfect end to our wedding celebrations!


Running in Lavender