Time To Make A Change

Since having O (and let’s face it for years before that) my weight has been a bit of an issue for me. Whilst I’m a very normal size 10-12, I have quite a small frame which doesn’t carry extra weight very well. As my mum will tell me apparently I have a bit of a teeny head so the additional pounds make me look disproportionate (cheers Mum!)

After a 3 stone weight gain during my pregnancy it took a lot of hard work to lose it. I was heading off to boot camp classes 4 times a week and they worked wonders, but returning to work following maternity leave put a stop to this as I just couldn’t find the time.

The pounds have crept back on a bit, so when I was given the chance to trial the Thinking Slimmer slimpod it seemed ideal. The idea behind it is you listen to the slimpod (a taped recording) ideally before bed and it works by persuading your subconscious to help you make positive choices, such as smaller portions, less snacking, more exercise. Choices that help you become the person you want to be.  Continue reading

A Sign Of Things To Come

What’s that saying? You have a son until he finds a wife, have a daughter and you have her for life! Today I had a glimpse of things to come and I’m really hoping the saying proves not to be true.

On a sunny bank holiday Monday, after spending the day together we headed to our local for a quick drink before dinner. We weren’t the only ones and there were lots of other kids playing in the beer garden.

One little girl in particular caught O’s eye. She goes to his nursery and is quite often in the pub at the same time as us so he’s spent time with her before.

His little face lit up as he watched her, and he headed over to play. Now a 2 year olds flirting techniques are fairly limited so an invitation to play in the mud was all that was needed. He looked at me and told me very clearly that A was his friend.

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The Ordinary Moments – My Girls

Before O came along there were already 2 very special little people in our lives.  We were already parents to our lovely Lhasa Apso’s and as they are both female they become known as “the girls”.

Mo, the gorgeous blonde, is getting on a bit.  She’ll be 10 in November and gets tired easily.  You will mostly find her chilling out upstairs in her bed in our room, trying to keep out of O’s way I think.

Rox is the opposite, she will be wherever you are, demanding to be sat on your knee.  Or at the front window keeping guard.  She’s 8 in a couple of months but still has the same energy as a pup.

For a long time they were the centre of our world but when you bring home a baby things change.  They have had to get used to being shushed because O was napping, Rox has had to get used to sharing her toys as O wants to play fetch with her (she hates sharing her toys!), and they’ve had to get used to the house being a lot more hectic.

We both feel guilty that they don’t always get the undivided attention they deserve, so yesterday as O napped we all found ourselves in our bedroom.  We spent half an hour just stroking, and cuddling our girls and they loved the quality time.  Last night instead of heading straight to bed Mo came and cuddled up with me on the couch, with Rox down the other end.  A lovely evening spent with our original family of four!

mummy daddy me

Love The Little Things #16

It’s the last week of the Easter hols and its flown by, but I’ve loved every minute of being at home.  Really not looking forward to going back to work next week, but for now let’s focus on the highlights of the past 7 days.

Read Trashy mags!  On Wednesday I left O with my mum and dad and went for my cut and colour, which is sadly needing to become a much more regular occurrence with the ever increasing number of grey hairs that seem to be appearing.  It does give me a good hour or so to catch up on all the latest gossip magazines in peace!

Watched There’s Something About Mary!  I’ve not seen this film for years.  When I was at uni it was literally the only DVD in the house, and was watched at least 4 times a week, so seeing it brought back a lot of happy memories.


Heard My husband isn’t really the soppy sort, but last Friday night must have found him in an emotional mood.  Hearing your other half tell you he thinks you’re a great mum is the most beautiful thing ever.  Maybe it was the Guinness talking, but it’s a few words I’ll treasure for a very long time.  I think us mums worry constantly about trying to do the right thing by our kids and our families, so when someone tells you you’re doing something right it means the world.

Made We attempted to make some Easter cards this week, but it was a bit of a disaster.  I bought a card kit from Tesco, but there wasn’t enough tissue paper for the cards, I’d bought the wrong type of glue and O was probably a bit too young for the whole thing.  Oh well, at least when you’re making cards for the grandparents they’re not that bothered about how pretty it looks!

Wore We’ve had some lovely weather this week which means it has been the perfect excuse to get my lovely TOMs wedges out of their winter hibernation.  Time to start painting my toenails!


And lastly…I know I should be all cool about this and act like I’m not too bothered BUT…. I made the Top 500 in the Tots100 chart for April.  So exciting and loving my new top 500 badge!



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When did we become grown ups?

On Friday I went for a girlie (no kids allowed) lunch with one of my oldest school mates. We only live a few streets away, but you know how it is when life just gets in the way and you find yourself grabbing a quick word here or there or a wave as you drive past each other. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time for a proper chat!

H is the girl I shared at tent with on the Year 7 camp, the friend who had the best sleepovers because her bedroom was on 2 levels so we would all sleep up in her converted attic gossiping for hours. She’s the friend who will tell O all about the time his mum got thrown out, and subsequently banned, from the local bowling alley.   Continue reading

The Ordinary Moments – Lazy Mornings

Normally in our house mornings are a little bit hectic. With 2 dogs to get fed and sorted and a 2 year old to get milked (not literally!), dressed and dropped off it’s slightly chaotic.

I have got better at trying to get organised the night before but I’m still scrabbling around at quarter to 8 in a panic making sure O has a change of clothes, just in case, and a dummy for nap time, and the latest form nursery have wanted filling in! If we leave the house any later than 7:50 I’ve got about a 10% chance of making it to work on time.

On a Thursday we get a break from this which is lovely, but nothing beats the school holidays when we can have 2 full weeks of lazy mornings. We can all snuggle in Mummy Daddy bed and watch Little Princess, followed by HollyBen. Yes, I do know the Milkshake running order off by heart!

O can stay in his pyjamas as long as he wants, and if he decides that today is the day he doesn’t want to wear pants, it really doesn’t matter. We can fight that battle later!

One of the best things about lazy mornings is that we all get to eat breakfast together, which means only one thing. Boiled eggs and dippy soldiers! My little mans favourite, especially when he gets to eat them with Daddy. The perfect way to start the day.


mummy daddy me

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Beach Fun & Puddle Jumping

I love being by the sea. There’s something very calming about it, and it always makes the day to day worries and stresses seem a million miles away.

Last weekend we took O to spend a few days at the beach in North Wales. The weather was a bit on the ropey side. Lots of wind and rain but on the Sunday late afternoon the sun came out and we headed outside.


It was great being by the sea and O loved spotting the birds and the boats and making his footprints in the sand. As it had been raining there were lots of puddles around, perfect for jumping in! As long as your wearing your boots!


My little man had a fantastic time splashing and I love how at 2 years old there’s nothing better than sticking your wellies on and jumping up and down in (not very muddy) puddles. I love the innocence of it and me and his dad may have joined in a bit too!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Love The Little Things #15

This week has been lovely.  No work, a family mini-break and lots of quality time spent with my boys!  The highlights have been:

Read The Grand National forecasts!  A very serious business in our house.  We always spend Saturday mornings on National Day reading the pundits opinions and picking our horses.  My 3 horses didn’t do to well (my own fault for picking horses with names that make me laugh.  Shakalakaboomboom, I’m talking about you!!) but hubby backed the winner and is taking me out for dinner tonight with his winnings!

Watched The Grand National!  It’s a bit of a tradition that we go out to watch the race somewhere and as we were in Wales we went to the Caravan Park clubhouse to watch it.  It was packed, but luckily we managed to get a table and it was fab to watch it with a crowd!

Glasses on, ready to watch the horsies!

Glasses on, ready to watch the horsies!

Heard For a Mother’s Day pressie my other half son bought me some speakers for my dressing room that link up to my old iPod.  It’s been the perfect excuse to listen to some of my old favourite songs and there’s been quite a bit of singing into my hairbrush this week.  One song guaranteed to have me dancing round the room is Shakira, Hips Don’t Lie.  It used to be my phone ring tune too!

Made I love being off work (did I mention it was the Easter Hols?) and love the time it gives me to spend time at home.  The fave thing I’ve made this week is Ice Cream Cupcakes with O.  They almost look too pretty to eat.  Well, they would if O hadn’t slopped the cake mixture everywhere but all good fun!

Wore Again this week, it’s not something I’ve worn but my little cool dude has just been bought his first pair of sunglasses, and refused to take them off for over an hour.  Hopefully it will put a stop to the moaning from the back of the car that the sun is in his eyes!


And lastly…Last weekend we were in Wales and it was a bit cold, a bit wet and a bit rainy but we had a fantastic time.  O loved the swimming pool and puddle jumping and more than any of that, he loved being with his Mummy and Daddy all weekend!


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