Love The Little Things

I don’t think I need to try to tell you how excited I am that as of approximately 3pm (hopefully, leaving speeches depending!) I will be out of work and not really giving it a second thought for the next two weeks.  After spending the past week marking 120 Year 11 mock papers I’m ready for the Christmas break!

Read  To be honest, not that much.  See above (bloody mocks) for the reason why.  I’m looking forward to spending a bit of time this weekend catching up on all my favourite blogs.

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I Love Christmas, BUT…

I love December. It’s probably my favourite month. I love the over the top decorations, the Christmas music being played everywhere you go, the general cheeriness that comes from people in the run up to the big event.

But this year there is something that is nagging away in the back of my mind. As my 3 year old excitedly runs around looking for his Elf on the Shelf each morning and then scurries off for his advent pressie, it’s dawning on me that at some point we’re going to have to face the Christmas Comedown!

January is a bit miserable when you’re an adult but I’m really not looking forward to facing it with a toddler.

More frustratingly I know a lot of the comedown is going to be my fault!

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Christmas Tree Shopping

Every family has their own Christmas traditions and one of ours is going to get the Christmas tree. Our tree always goes up on the Saturday in December that is closest to the 10th. Not to sure why, it’s just how we’ve always done it.


We live a ten minute walk away from “Christmas Tree World” so every year we walk down to choose our tree. Yesterday was such a beautiful winters day, perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit.

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Love The Little Things

Less than two weeks to go until the big day and I’m starting to get excited!

This week I’ve taken a bit of a step back from my blog and, you know what, it’s been really nice. Instead of spending my evenings with my iPad I’ve watched Christmas movies and chatted to hubby. We even had a mid-week date night!

Read My Christmas magazines! I bought these weeks ago and stashed them in the bottom of my wardrobe. With O at his Nana’s on Wednesday night I ran myself a bath and spent an hour flicking through for festive inspiration.


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The Christmas Boutique Review

Last month the lovely people at Christmas Boutique sent over a parcel of festive goodies for us to review. Christmas is a very special time in our house. My husband and I first met on Christmas Eve and many, many years later we had a December wedding so this month is very special to both of us. As a result we fully embrace all things Christmassey.

The Christmas Boutique choose what items we received so it was a wonderful surprise opening up the box to see what had arrived.


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Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe


This year we are really trying to make Christmas extra special.  Maybe it’s because it’s the first year our 3 year old really seems to be getting it,  but we are making the most of every festive opportunity.

For me this has meant starting to spend a bit more time in the kitchen and doing some festive baking.  Yesterday I had a go at making something I’ve never made before, a bit of fudge.  Peanut butter fudge!

125g butter
500g dark brown sugar
120ml milk
250g crunchy peanut butter
1 vanilla pod (seeds only)
300g icing sugar

1. Melt the butter in a saucepan over a low heat.
2. Stir in the brown sugar and milk, and bring to the boil for 3-4 minutes without stirring.
3. Remove from the heat and stir in the peanut butter and vanilla seeds.
4. Place the icing sugar in a large bowl and pour the hot mixture on top. Using a wooden spoon, beat until smooth.
5. Pour into a square baking tray, and set aside to cool slightly before placing in the fridge to chill completely (this will probably take overnight).
6. Cut the fudge into squares with a sharp knife and store in an airtight container.

Such a simple recipe but so delicious once it’s done. Perfect for a Christmas treat for yourself or a lovely homemade gift for someone when presented in a glass jar with a bit of ribbon to jazz it up.

Happy Christmas baking!

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Love The Little Things #49

It feels at the moment we are hurtling towards Christmas at top speed, which is great in one way as I can’t wait to be at home for the holidays but a bit scary as I still have lots of shopping to get done before then.

I’ve been feeling a bit up and down this week. We’ve had some lovely family time but I’ve been feeling a little bit down in the dumps and need to snap out of it. I think yesterday, spending the day with O, managed to do that and I’m feeling a lot better.

Read Some really lovely comments on a post I wrote this week, My Only Child? It was quite a personal one and a post I almost didn’t publish, but I needed to offload quite a few things that were whirling round in my head.

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My Only Child?

It feels like we’re reaching a bit of a crossroads in our lives at the minute. The next year is going to take us very clearly in one of two ways and I need to find the positives in both potential outcomes because right now I feel a little bit lost.

Having spent 10 years building up my career to a place where I was happy with it, I was more than ready to take a step back and do the whole motherhood thing.  And I have loved it, almost every single minute, and my biggest wish is that one day I get to do it all over again.  But I have to face up to the reality that they may not happen, and I have to find some closure with that.

From January onwards we are starting something that will give us an answer as to whether we will become a family of four or whether my son will remain my only child.  It’s a time that’s exciting and terrifying in equal measure.

The best result we could hope for is that we are sat here this time next year with a new addition to our family.

The alternative is we accept that we will always be a little gang of three, and if that is the case I will learn to come to terms with it.  I have promised myself that because I never want O to think he wasn’t enough.  He is!  When it comes to little boys we hit the jackpot.

O is my absolute world and if he is destined to be my only child I will treasure every single moment, but I also need to find who I am again.  The past two years have been spent focusing on trying to extend our family (one of the reasons for starting this blog was to give me something else to focus on), and it’s been draining.  I’m tired of constantly thinking about it.

I honestly have no idea what the next 12 months are going to bring and I know when I look at my husband he’s worried what effect that will have on me.  And I know he will try everything in his power to make me happy, but I have to find it within myself too.

It might just take a bit of time.