Love The Little Things #44

Thankfully this week has been a lot calmer than last and it has been lovely to have some time off with hubby and O.  We started the week with a few days away in not so sunny (in fact, ridiculously windy) North Wales but I actually quite like it when the weather is a bit crap as there’s something special about being all warm and cosy in a caravan whilst the weather outside is blowing a gale.

Read I’ve been trying to catch up on a bit of blog reading and commenting this week whilst I’ve had a bit more time and one of my fave post was by Heledd over at Running in Lavender, Child of the Eighties – My Christmas List.  As an 80’s girl I either had or desperately wanted at some point everything on the list.  I’m still a little bit scarred that I never got my own Teddy Ruxpin.

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My Favourite Season {The Prompt}

If I’m being honest I don’t really have a favourite season.  I think they all have their good and their bad points, and I try to focus on the positives of the season we are currently enjoying.  This is very unlike my husband who always seems to want the season he isn’t in.  In the middle of summer he’s longing for Christmas and come January he’s wishing that the sunny days were here.

So rather than focus on my favourite season I’m going to focus on my favourite things of each season.

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Oh Halloween, You’ve Changed!


This week we’re really enjoying the build up to Halloween. There are two pumpkins in the garden waiting to be carved, we have several pumpkin decorations dotted around the house and there’s a brand spanking new wizard outfit hanging in the little mans wardrobe.

This is all a far cry from the Halloweens I remember as a kid:

My costume for trick or treating consisted of a black bin bag with two holes cut in it for the arms,  no fancy witches dress for me. If I was lucky I got a plastic witches hat with a bit of green and black “hair” that had been stapled to the back.

There were no pumpkins to be carved. My dad would hollow out a turnip, stick a candle in it and then attach a bit of string. Yes, it looked as ridiculous as it sounds but we didn’t know any different.

When we get trick or treaters knocking on our door there is always a selection of responsible adults loitering at the bottom of the drive. I don’t really remember any adults coming with us, I think they were glad of an hours peace and quiet getting us out of the house. Having a big brother who’s 2 years older than you counts as a chaperone, right?

There were no little buckets to collect your treats in. I carried home my stash of sweets in an Asda carrier bag.

People actually used to say trick, and then you would stand there looking awkward for what felt like an eternity thinking of something to do. Come on, you know we’re only here for the chocolate!

I fully admire the teenagers who come trick or treating today.  To be fair they’ve made an effort with their costumes and full on scary make up.  I’m slightly ashamed that when I was 14 trick or treating consisted of a fairly crap mask and hoping for money much more than chocolate!

I will be getting excited on Friday, decorating the house and putting my carved pumpkin outside the front door whilst at the same time remembering that back in the 80’s I was celebrating Halloween by wandering the streets, dressed in a bin bag with a lit up turnip for company.


Happy Halloween!

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Honey and Granola Cupcakes


I’ve had the Primrose Bakery cook book for about 4 years and have only made one recipe from it. At the moment I’m on a little bit of a mission to make more things from scratch so when hubby said he fancied a “healthy” dessert on Friday I said I’d make one rather than buying something from the shop.

So after a quick flick through my unused cook books I settled for these.

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The Pumpkin Patch

October is one of my absolutely favourite months.  I love Autumn, and October in particular, as the weather starts to cool and the scarves and hats can start to reappear.  And the absolute highlight of the month is Halloween, which means the search for the perfect pumpkin is on.

My room-mate from university is American and for the past couple of weeks my Facebook timeline has been filled with the most gorgeous pictures of her and her beautiful family amongst the Pumpkin fields in Westchester (it always makes me smile that she moved there, probably living next door to Monica and Chandler), so when our local farm advertised to come along and pick your own pumpkin we had to go.

Our local farm shop is fantastic and great for kids but sometimes, because it is so close to home, I tend to forget about it.  On Sunday afternoon we took a little family trip out to go and choose this years pumpkins.

The trip to the pumpkin field started with a tractor ride, what little boy isn’t going to love that?



We got dropped off a very short walk away from a field full of pumpkins.


They completely covered the ground so we needed to be careful where we stepped as the roots were everywhere. O was a little bit nervous and made sure he had hold of my hand the whole time (apart from when I left him stranded whilst I took photos!)


We needed a pretty big pumpkin so I can have a go at a decent carving but O also wanted a little pumpkin of his own and picked out this little cutie.


He only managed to hold it up long enough for the photo as, apparently, it was far too heavy!

We seemed to have got our timing just about right as not long after picking our two pumpkins the rain started to fall so we started to head back. O had en extra special treat on the tractor ride back as he was allowed to sit in the drivers seat, although I think he was more nervous than excited.


As we rode the short journey back the sun started to reappear and brought with it this gorgeous rainbow.  A perfect way to round off the afternoon!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Love The Little Things #43

Well, this really had been a week of mixed emotions.  The weekend was great, I had a lovely day at Blogcamp on Saturday, meeting some lovely bloggers in the flesh, and then Sunday was spent pumpkin picking with the family followed by dinner at our gorgeous local.

Monday started with a crap day at work, and the week progressively got worse with a bit of a scary bump in my car on Wednesday and then whilst treating the little man to a McDonalds lunch we ended up with a dead bird under the next table!  Believe me, the weekend (and half term) can’t come quick enough!

Read I managed to read my magazines on the train on the way down to Birmingham.  Due to a slight wardrobe malfunction on Saturday morning I was cutting it a bit fine to catch my 7:39am train, but with a sprint through the station I made it with about 90 seconds to spare.  That gave me just enough time to grab a coffee, and my breath back, so I could relax on the journey.

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Perspective {Word Of The Week}


It’s Wednesday morning.

I know I need to be in work early.

I have that horrendous Year 10 class, so I need to be all set up. The deputy head will probably be sat in there too because they really are that horrible.

I need to get my son to Nana’s, and drop the dogs off for their hair cut.

But I forgot to get the cash I needed last night so need to go this morning.

The first cash point doesn’t work.

So I go to the next one. It’ll only take a minute!

A teenage boy is walking over to me, what the bloody hell does he want? I haven’t got time for this.

“Excuse me, you car is rolling backwards!”

And then I turn around. My car is indeed rolling backwards. My son is in the back. And time stands still.

One lovely teenage boy is racing after it to try and stop it. I run after it, not entirely sure what to do. In all the stress of worrying about getting to work I had completely forgotten to put the handbrake on.

Suddenly nothing else in the world matters other than getting to my son.

Luckily a white Audi breaks the momentum and they hit. I say luckily because the alternative was heading out backwards onto a main road and I can’t even begin to think about the what-ifs should that have happened.

For the second time this week it has put things into perspective.

It really doesn’t matter if I’m a few minutes late for work. Or that the deputy head may see me having an off day. What does matter is that my son is safe and my focus is on him.

Because when it comes down to it my family are my world and nothing else is more important.

So on days when I’m feeling a bit crap, work is overwhelming and the pressure of being a modern day mum all feels a bit too much I need to remember how lucky I am to have my lovely family and to have our health.

Hearing the sad news this week about the death of Lynda Bellingham made that so clear. It’s all about keeping it in perspective and remembering what really matters

Nobody was hurt in the bump and my little man was completely unaware of the drama.  On opening the car door he piped up, “Mummy, did you get some money?”

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