4 Ways To Make Your Windows Stand Out

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Every home has windows; that’s a given. But not every home has the same windows, nor do they have the same amount of sunlight flooding through those windows, whether you have huge bay windows, small modern windows, sliding glass doors or even stained glass windows.

But regardless of the style of windows you have in your home, you can make them an attractive feature point of any room or area in your home and make them a part of the aesthetic rather than a piece of glass in the wall.

So, how can you improve your windows look and make a statement for all the right reasons?

Add Shutters

Window shutters have been popular for many years but are currently having a resurgence in popularity. You can get wooden, uPVC or faux wood shutters depending on the interior design style of your home and the book you are trying to achieve. The beauty of shutters is that they don’t need anything else; they make a statement on their own. Ensure you work with shutter fitters to get the right style and fit for your windows, and you will benefit from added security, privacy, and aesthetics in your room with your windows looking good from the outside and the inside.

Leave Them Bare

If you’re lucky enough to have windows that impress all on their own, then it can be an option to keep them bare and make them stand out by not doing anything. This means no curtains or blinds; just ensure that the walls, sealants and any woodwork around them are neat and tidy and any damage is repaired. This option won’t work for all windows if you have an unusual shape, beading of any design on the windows, or they are oversized, for example, doing nothing can make more of an impact than doing something. Avoid putting too much in the room by the windows; if they are running low to the ground, an oversized plant strategically placed by the window can enhance it, but less is more in this case.

Dramatic Curtains

Pretty much most homes in the UK will have at least one window with curtains. This isn’t something new. But the way you hang your curtains or the type and size of curtains you use can be instrumental in improving your windows and incorporating them into the room rather than having them interrupt your design.

Some great ideas for adding drama and flair to your curtains can include;

  • Floor-length curtains hung from the ceiling
  • Tying curtains in the middle of the window rather than opening them to the side
  • Layering voiles ceiling to floor for a lighter look
  • Using separate poles for more than one window or bay windows
  • Take the curtain pole past the edges of the window

For plain, understated rooms, you can use your curtains to add a pop of colour, texture, or pattern, pull your design together, and make everything look cohesive.

Statement Area

Lastly, a great way to beautify your windows is to make a feature of them and create a feature wall. You can do this by using wallpaper around the window; add plants, a seating area or a reading nook if you have bay windows and use window sills as extra shelf ornaments or decorative items. Or you can paint the window surround and sills in a statement colour to make them stand out.

Again, if you are going to place items in front of your window, you need to balance out the rest of the room so it doesn’t look too lecturer or fussy, so you might find that when you add to the window space you need to detract from other parts of the room to help you create more of an impact.


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