Preparing for a homemade seasonal celebration

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

I’ve always loved celebrating the seasonal occasions but since having children that has become even more important to me. I love seeing their faces when the house is decorated ready for Halloween, and Easter, and of course the big one, Christmas!

We had a home extension built three years ago and when we did this we created a kitchen/living/dining space which is perfect for adding seasonal touches to and is usually the focus for our seasonal decorations.

As my boys have got older they now love to get involved in helping with the decorating and it becomes a real family affair, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make your house seasonal ready.  Especially when you have two little helpers on hand who love to get a little bit crafty.


Halloween is an easy one to get kids involved in, who doesn’t love a spot of pumpkin carving, but pumpkins are also great for painting (I find spray paint can work really well for this).  Once painted you have a blank canvas to create your very own pumpkin masterpiece. 

To add to the spooky home vibe you can create leaf ghosts to add to your walls. Autumn is the perfect time of a year to get out walking and whilst out collect as many leaves as you can.  A coat of white paint and a pair of eyes and you have the perfect little ghost!

World Book Day

If you have children in primary school you will know all about world book day, and why not bring that celebration home?  Helping with the work book day theme you could order a Book SVG to customise a mug, or bag, or even a t-shirt for you to get involved too. And for the artists out there you could order a Crayon SVG too.


I have to admit after Christmas Easter is probably my favourite celebration. I think part of it is to do with the time of year. I love Spring, with it’s promise of warmer days ahead and as a teacher I also get a lovely two week break from work, giving me plenty of time to prepare a homemade celebration.

An Easter tree is becoming more popular each year and decorating the eggs is a lovely craft activity to do with your children, and they love seeing their creations hanging in the home.  This year we also made Easter garlands with paper which we hung in the dining room.

The favourite part of Easter for my boys (apart from the chocolate) is the annual Easter egg treasure hunt we do in the garden.  Apart from a few small chocolate eggs for them to find it doesn’t cost anymore as I write the clues myself which they love trying to solve. I love seeing their faces as they try to work out the clues and their delight when they find the next clue. It’s more of a challenge for me to keep thinking of new hiding places each year!

Over the past year embracing the seasonal celebrations has become even more important in having something to look forward ro whilst we have been staying at home and the memories made from them are something to treasure.


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