Why You Should Start a Collection, and 3 Ideas to Get You Started

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One of the most underrated hobbies is arguably that of collecting. It’s one of those activities that has developed a bit of an odd reputation among the general public, but don’t discount it out of hand. Everyone benefits from a hobby of some sort, and this might be just the thing for you. 

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So, why start a collection? Well, starting a collection can be an incredibly fulfilling hobby. Hobbies are considered to be generally good for mental health, and a hobby that allows you to track your progress can provide a great deal of satisfaction. As you watch your collection grow, you can see something substantive that represents what you’ve achieved.

On a similar note, collecting is a great way to meet new people. While it seems like a solitary hobby, there is an active and involved collecting community out there full of like-minded people. These people can help you to find pieces and may give you tips for collecting, especially if you let them know that you’re just getting into it. 

Another reason that may come to mind is that collecting can actually make you a bit of money on the side. Sure, many people collect for the fun of it, but others enjoy sourcing limited edition collectibles at a bargain price and then selling it on. Either way, taking care of your treasures and keeping them in their original packaging (if applicable) are important parts of the process.

But before you get started, you may wonder what to start collecting. The range of potential collectibles is huge, but here are a few fun ideas.

  1. Postcards

A fantastic collectible is postcards because it gives you the opportunity to combine two different hobbies. A postcard collection encourages you to get out there and travel. Even if you don’t fancy leaving the country, there are plenty of quirky and unique postcards to be found. 

Each postcard can also serve as a reminder of the places you’ve been and what you’ve experienced there. Postcard collecting doesn’t have the most profit potential compared to some other collectibles, but it can have so much sentimental value. 

Postcards are also quite easy to maintain, just keep them dry and out of the sun and they should last a while. 

  1. Models

Model collecting is incredibly popular. Models can range from the mainstream collectibles, like Funko Pops or Beanie Babies, or more specific collectibles, such as model trains. It’s also quite profitable, as some of these models are very easy to sell on, especially in good condition.

If you do decide to start a model train collection, for example, then pieces like The Newcastle Flyer will make a valuable and beautiful addition to your collection. It’s like a slice of history on your mantlepiece.

  1. Vinyl Records

Another popular collectible is vinyl records. Vinyl records are also a slice of history and have the added bonus of being usable. There’s nothing quite like listening to a vinyl record and imagining the artist recording it. Just make sure they don’t get scratched and you can keep them for decades.


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