3 Effective Ways of Securing Your Valuables

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Over the course of your lifetime, you will acquire and attain personal wealth that can be measured in both liquidity and assets. In the UK alone, one study found that the average household contains £38,000 worth of goods such as furniture, consumer electronics and luxury valuables such as jewellery and artwork.

Other statistics also suggest that the average burglary costs around 10% of this, which is a staggering amount for a typical household to lose. Because of this, it becomes apparent that securely storing valuable items that you don’t want lying around your home is almost a necessity of modern life.

Self Storage Units

One of the best methods for storing valuables is by using self-storage units. These come in various sizes in order to accommodate anything from large business storage options to smaller personal storage solutions, but there are some things you need to be aware of when choosing a storage company.

While most storage units offer very secure facilities with locks, alarms, CCTV and security guards, they are no stranger to theft, so it’s a good idea to check the reputation of the lot and possibly the local crime rate. Some also offer additional services like workspace and office services as well as packing for your goods.

Smart Tech

Mobile phone technology is becoming more advanced year on year and there now seems to be an app for almost everything to interact with, known as smart technology. Smart home apps can control everything from your boiler, lighting and entertainment from your mobile device at the touch of a button.

One of the best features of smart technology is that of security applications that allow you to control and monitor your home or business’s security systems remotely. Such things as Wi-Fi enabled CCTV, smart locks that alert you to tampering and video doorbell systems are available relatively cheap.

Common Sense

As with most things in life, not even the best technology or additional services provided by a professional company can compare to that of human common sense. By using your own judgement and abilities, you can greatly reduce the chances of anything bad happening to you, your family or your home.

Investing in good-quality locks and an alarm system is the first step, but using them properly is the next. A survey in the United States found that a staggering 63% of people don’t lock their doors when they are out of the home. It is essential that you always lock your doors, even when you are in, in addition to always arming your alarm when out or in bed.

There will always be theft and burglary in society, it’s just the way the world is. However, you have a responsibility to protect yourself and the things that you value. Self-storage offers an excellent solution and is largely extremely secure while incorporating modern technology into your home and life can be a massive help at monitoring security remotely, but all of these are useless without applying your own common sense or learning how to use them effectively.


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