Male Sexual Performance and Ways To Improve Vitality

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Studies suggest that nearly 1 in every 3 men suffers from erectile dysfunction. However, the problem is not as alarming as it sounds. With the right knowledge and treatment, it can be easily alleviated.

There can be many reasons for this such as stress, bad health, alcohol or relationship concerns. But, there is nothing to worry about. You can get rid of it by adopting the right methods. 

What to do to get rid of sexual problems? 

Around 30% of men have a problem during sex and find it difficult to have an erection. 

Thankfully, these problems can be treated with the help of the right exercises, herbs and supplements. Here, we have discussed the causes and symptoms, and how to increase sex stamina for males by adopting simple ways. We have also discussed ways to improve vitality in men. In addition, you may wish to look into purchasing male sex pheromones to help increase your attraction to women.

What is Erectile Dysfunction? 

This is the incapacity in men to get or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse to be able to have sex. However, this is considered only when a man is not able to obtain a satisfactory sexual performance a number of times. Occasional erectile dysfunction is common and can be medical and psychological. This is usually experienced during stress or relationship difficulties. But if it happens frequently it is an indication of a health problem and requires treatment or addressing by professionals.

What are the causes responsible for ED? 

It is noteworthy that the male organ is solely muscular in structure and therefore erection depends on proper blood flow into the organ. However, the dysfunction is usually caused due to other reasons too- including hormonal changes and insensitivity. There could be other reasons responsible for it from physical to psychological.

The physical reasons include:

  • Heart diseases and High Blood Pressure 
  • Contraction of blood vessels
  • Diabetes and high cholesterol
  • Obesity and Hormonal Disorders such as testosterone deficiency, thyroid conditions
  • Parkinson’s disease and Peyronie Disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Alcohol Consumption and Smoking  
  • Surgical complications and injuries in the pelvic area or spinal cord

Approximately 89% of the cases of erectile dysfunction are due to these physical causes. The psychological causes are not very commonly found and can vary due to everyday emotional state. The psychological factors that contribute to ED are: 

  • Relationship difficulties and guilt
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Depression or anxiety

What are the symptoms that you need to take seriously?

Now you know about the causes that are responsible for ED. But, how would you come to know if you are having erectile dysfunction or not? We have listed the symptoms which include: 

  • Lack of sexual desire or sexual fantasies, no interest in sexual contact
  • Inability to get or maintain an erection to have sexual intercourse 
  • Not able to reach orgasm  even after sexual stimulation
  • Achieving orgasm only during masturbation 
  • No control in the timing of orgasm and ejaculation, leaving your partner unsatisfied
  • No ejaculation

If you observe any such symptom, take the necessary action before it affects your sex life. There are certain ways that can help you to prevent ED and improve your stamina to have improved sexual health. You might feel nervous or shy about telling these conditions to the doctor. But you need to understand that your sexual health is a part of your overall health. And, you need to improve it to overcome all the sexual difficulties. Below, we have mentioned some of the ways that can help you do that.

  • Exercise for Sexual Vitality: Physical activities and your sexual health are interconnected. According to a study, men who burn around 200 calories every day by getting involved in any physical activity are less likely to become impotent with time. However, every exercise does leave a positive impact on your sexual performance. For example cycling. It has been found out that cycling may cause ED. This is because the seat of the cycle puts constant pressure between the genitals and anus, leading to the compression of the nerve and blood supplies. 
  • Build Healthy Habits: The capability to achieve erection depends on a number of factors. And, including a healthy diet in your routine is one of them. As mentioned above smoking, consuming alcohol, bad eating habits can deteriorate your sexual health. Consuming a proper diet is one of the best ways to boost your sexual performance. For example, apples, broccoli promote endurance. On the other hand, alcohol consumption leads to weight gain, depression, lower libido and poor heart health. Also, one of the most important factors responsible for good sexual health is healthy arteries. During an erection, if the blood flow is blocked by atherosclerosis, there are chances that you have some narrowing. Again, this can be prevented by cutting unhealthy fats and losing it if you are overweight.
  • Consider Preventive Treatment: From incorporating omega fatty acids to better sleep, there’s a lot that you can do on your part. But if you observe any serious problem, consult a doctor. There are several treatments such as therapy, penile injections of medications and surgery to prevent ED. 

Having poor sexual health not only damages your overall health but also lowers your confidence levels. Also, now you know about all the symptoms and the causes. So, if you observe any of them take preventive steps and talk to your doctor and determine which treatment is best for you.


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