5 Tech Upgrades For Your Home

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Photo by Marques Kaspbrak on Unsplash

Technology is a wonderful thing and it’s beginning to have a significant impact on the way we live, often making our lives much easier. We put some much time and money into decorating our homes, why not top it off with some technological finishing touches. 

Whether you want one or two pieces of tech to upgrade some areas of your home life, or want to turn your home into a completely automated smart home, there’s something for everyone. 

  1. Remote Garage Door

Garages are often the forgotten spaces of homes. Full of boxes, old bikes, and toys the kids don’t use anymore. Why not give it some TLC? A new garage door and Merlin garage door opener will make you feel fantastic as you arrive home to your already open garage door. 

  1. Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are a must to keep your home safe. They alert you in the event of smoke and fire and can save your life. There is a new generation of smart alarms that are connected to your mobile phone. If a fire breaks out in your home when you are out at work or on vacation, so you can alert the emergency services and potentially prevent your property from being destroyed. Many are also equipped with carbon monoxide 

  1. Smart TV

Imagine not having to hunt around for the TV remotes controls or search around for the movie or TV you’re looking for? Enter the smart TV that you can control with just your voice? It’s internet-enabled so it can connect to all the streaming services you are subscribed to. 

  1. Home Assistant

When most people think of smart homes, they think of home assistants or smart speakers. The most common is Amazon Alexa. According to research, 90 million people in the US use a smart speaker. They can be used for everything from controlling other smart appliances in the home, music, video, news, audiobooks, games, and much more. 

Once you get used to having them in your home, you’ll wonder how you ever did without them. 

  1. Video Enabled Door Bell 

It can be so frustrating if someone is at your door but you’re out in the garden or in the bathroom. How many deliveries have you missed? Or how often have you answered the door to a salesperson or someone you wouldn’t have if you knew who was at the door. 

A smart doorbell will alert you via your mobile phone or smart speaker. It will allow you to see and speak to whoever is at the door. You can let them know that you’ll be there shortly, or to leave your delivery on the step. 

It can also be good from a security perspective, as it will give you the ability to record a detect anyone who might be trying to get into your house via a motion detector. 

Even if you’re not a very technologically savvy person, as long as you have a working internet connection, you can start adopting most forms of home tech as part of your home improvements. They are getting more user friendly all the time. 


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