Home Exterior Changes That Could Change Your Life (Seriously!)

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Your home is probably the most extravagant thing you’ll ever buy, so you want to make sure it suits your personality and lifestyle just right. However, once they have the interior of their home just right, many homeowners don’t bother to look after their exterior in the same way. There are many exterior changes that could potentially change your home, and even your life. It sounds extreme, but your house should be your safe haven – make the changes here and you will notice a difference in not only your exterior, but your life. Take a look: 

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Add Outdoor Art And Decor

When was the last time you saw a beautiful garden with art and decor aplenty? Most people don’t bother to decorate their exterior the same way they do their interior. It can be a little bit harder – after all, you need to take into account weather resistance, as well as other things that could impact how well your outdoor furniture and decor lasts. You can’t just take indoor furniture items and place them outside, because you’ll no doubt quickly notice things like mold and paint wearing away. Make sure you have a way of protecting your items, or purchase decor items made exclusively for your exterior. 

Remember, too much outdoor artwork and your exterior could look tacky – while that may be to some homeowner’s tastes, it’s not for everybody. Doing this right can really give your home that wow factor. See if you can find a statement outdoor sculpture to draw attention and add interest. Water features look great, and can add an element of tranquility to your garden. A bird bath never looks out of place! Mirrors can be repurposed in the garden and add a lot of interest, too. Wind chimes and sun catchers can finish off your exterior look nicely, and add a magical tinkle to the air as the wind blows. 

Add Even More Flowers and Plants

When it comes to your exterior, you can’t really have too many flowers and plants. Of course, you should be prepared to maintain the flowers and plants that you get – you may prefer to hire a gardener to keep your exterior looking great year round. Hiring a pro will also stop you from wondering why the grass is greener on your neighbor’s side! Failing that, there are plenty of apps you can download that will remind you when to take care of your plants and what to do. 

If you’re stuck on where to add your new flowers and plants; you can use planters to frame your front door, or you can layer up plenty of colors and textures in your garden for a look that will be the envy of your neighbors. Don’t forget to check out your soil type and which flowers are seasonal to ensure the best look and growth based on the season. 

You can think of enhancing the beauty of your exterior garden with a barbeque zone. For this, all you would need is some coal, a barbeque, and you are all set to throw a kick-ass home garden party. As its concerns your home security and outdoor cooking experience, look for quality fuel only. Here, you can consider going for Romeo’s Fuel which is the preferred heating oil.

Consider Adding A Border To Your Driveway

If you want to elevate the entrance to your home, one of the best ways to do this is by edging your driveway. The edging can be made of plants or hardscape, whichever you prefer. Choose elements that look good with the materials used in your exterior already and you’ll create something that is both stunning and cohesive. For example, if you live in a rustic style home with a cottage garden, a formal row of boxwoods used along the driveway will look out of place. You can also reduce property maintenance with driveway edging, so it’s a great addition for any homeowner to make. You can further make the entrance stand out by using plenty of flowers, such as hydrangeas. 

Look At Your Exterior Lighting

Practicality is key when looking at your exterior lighting options. Motion sensor flood lights can work well, but they aren’t really the classiest way of lighting up the exterior of your home. Taking a layered approach to your outdoor lighting is a method that is both functional and beautiful. Spotlights can bring ambient light to your outdoor space and illuminate important areas, while task lighting can be placed near your entryways. Accent lighting can be added to architectural features, as this will create ambiance. String lights can look magical, and give people a warm welcome when they visit your home. 

Hopefully, these exterior changes have given you a better idea of what you’d like to do with your home. If you’re still unsure, scout Pinterest and Instagram, or consult a professional to see what they recommend. 


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