Five Ways To Add Modern Touches To Your Home

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Depending on your style, you may have a different approach to how you style your home. Modernising your home though is something that will make it easier when eventually coming to sell. Here are five ways to add modern touches to your home.

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Remote Operated Lighting

Technology is pretty much standard in all of our lives nowadays that we’re pretty much reliant on it to make living life that little bit easier. A cool way of adding some technology to your home is by replacing traditional light switches with remote controls and installing LED lighting. Remote controls allow you to adjust the brightness of the room instead of just having the basic on/off function. And if your LED lights are colour-functional, you can create different moods with the variety of colours that are on offer. 

App-Based Appliances

Apps on our phone can now control various devices and appliances within our home. One example is a central heating device called NEST, which replaces your current thermostat and allows you to control the heating when you are both inside and out of the property, from your phone. Alexa is also another piece of technology that you can control via your phone amongst many others. 

Multi-functional Furniture

In a modern home, you want to have furniture that is multi-functional and that way you have a home that’s easy to navigate and makes living easier too. Furniture like beds with storage underneath. Dining tables that have extra extensions to cater for small spaces and console table designs that look both stylish but have a lot of space to house things.

Use Mirrors And Wall Art

Mirrors and wall art are two home decor features that can help modernise a space. Plain walls can lack personality and intrigue, so get creative with different styles of wall art. Mirrors create an illusion of more space, and if you really want to push the boat out, then there’s always LED lights for your bathroom mirrors or for your vanity tables to add elegant and subtle lighting to an otherwise dark room. Find art that suits your personality, rather than something that’s popular. Look at positions and styling it in the home before putting a nail through the wall. 

Update Windows And Doors

Windows and doors are the first features of a home to look dated. Therefore it’s worth checking the current state of them and replacing them where needed. Double or triple glazed windows are a must to keep the heat in, and your doors may simply need a fresh coat of paint. You may also want to add a modern touch in the form of a stylish doorknob to your doors, rather than your traditional door handle, found in most homes.

Styling your home with these modern touches is great for updating a period property or a space that’s looking a little worn and unkempt. So add these five touches to your home and see the difference it makes. It’s certainly worth doing if you’re wanting to transform your home.


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  1. March 19, 2020 / 11:29 am

    These five ways are very inspiring to add modern touches to a home.
    Technology will add extra features for a more easy and comfortable lifestyle.

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