Sprinkler Guide: Which Lawn Sprinkler Is Right For You?

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A beautiful and flawless looking lawn is an owner’s pride and adds to the property value and appeal. But getting that look is one of the most difficult things, as it needs a lot of maintenance and hard work. Watering your lawn is one of the most important activities which needs to be done regularly, for the plants to remain green and healthy. One of the easiest and efficient ways to water your garden is, by using a lawn sprinkler system. Read on to know more about it.

Why choose Water Sprinklers?

Water Consumption: There is a misconception that hand watering consumes less water compared to sprinklers. An automatic sprinkler system knows how much water is needed and uses that exact amount. That means, water consumption is lesser and it is eco-friendly also. 

Saves Money: Your lawn will need more water during summer and that means hefty bills.  Automatic sprinklers help to save water by using an appropriate amount of water. 

Boosts Quality of Soil: Appropriate moisture levels are required to maintain the quality of the soil. Sprinklers help to maintain the moisture level and also controls weed. When the soil quality is good, it helps the plants and trees to grow as you desire. Sprinklers can help in boosting the quality of the soil. 

Saves Time: Constant watering of the garden especially during summer is essential to keep it healthy. That means, spending 2 to 3 times a day watering the plants. To counter that, experts from https://allenoutdoorstl.com/, opine that using a sprinkler system helps save time. These come with timers and the sprinklers turn on and off based on the settings. So even when you are busy, your plants are taken care of. 

Points to Consider while Picking a Sprinkler System

Capacity: When you are looking for the right sprinkler, ensure you choose the one that has the right capacity. If you have a larger lawn area, you will need more capacity.

Soil: Depending on the type of soil, sprinklers have to be chosen, as a specific water system is ideal for a particular type of soil. 

Water regulations: Some regions may have regulations on water consumption, so choose wisely, as some systems consume more water than the others. If you live in an area with restrictions choose a sprinkler that consumes less water. 

Installation: Some systems are complicated to install and hence need professional help whereas there are others which are easy. Verify before buying a sprinkler system, as you might want to factor in that cost in your budget. 

Budget: Consider the money you are willing to spend before you make a choice on the sprinkler system. 

Types of Sprinkler Systems

Some of the frequently used sprinkler systems are:

Rotor Head System: This system is best suited for large lawns as it covers a large area. Moreover, the sprinkler sprays less than an inch of water and gives the soil enough time to absorb water. 

Drip System: It gets this name as water drips into the soil. It is used for specific sections of the lawn and can be set up for certain plants, flower beds, etc. 

Spray System: Ideal for smaller places and needs a lot of water in less time. The sprinkler sprays about 1.5 inches of water in an hour and is best for absorbent soil.  

The main aim of a sprinkler system is to efficiently and effectively water the lawn so that it looks attractive. Using the above information helps to make an informed decision on the type of lawn sprinkler that is right for you.  


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