What Wardrobe Updates Are You Due?!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

Your wardrobe is something you should consider to be your pride and joy. Now, you’re either going to be someone who can say that that is so true, or you’re someone who has never really been bothered by what they’re wearing, or what they look like. But when it comes to your wardrobe, we truly believe that it’s a time for you to be able to express yourself. You can feel good about leaving the house, it hugely helps with body confidence, and you can’t help but feel a little bit sassy when you have a wardrobe update. But it can be hard to know what style to go for, and to understand what’s going to suit you. Because the style that you’ve always gone for might not be the style that’s best for you, it’s just the one you’ve got used to wearing so much. Every so often we don’t only just need to update our wardrobe, but we also need to update our style choices for the better. So, keep on reading, and we’ll show you how we can do both of them easily. 

The Essential Wardrobe Updates

So the seasons are changing at the minute, and that means those summer outfits that you loved to wear can no longer be covered up with a coat, it’s time to get into winter mode. So for us, leggings and chunky knit jumpers and cardigans are essential. They’re both so in right now as a winter fashion, they’re comfortable and stylish, and they’ll keep you warm. Another essential is definitely something for the evening, because winter doesn’t mean that you won’t have any plans. Keeping along the lines of knitted, knitted dresses are really popular at the minute with knee or thigh high boots. The knitted dresses look so warm and comfortable, yet stylish and sassy, and they’re great for any night out that you want to go on. 

Footwear Is Just As Important

Footwear is one you might be more bothered about than you are the actual fashion. Some of you might really be into your boots, and some of you might really be into your sneakers. Sneakers are the best for this time of year when you’re wearing your leggings and jumpers, although boots definitely would go with it too. It depends if you want to keep your look casual, or a bit more classy. Nike sneakers have always been a long time favourite, or some simple Adidas campus black trainers would be perfect for a neutral trainer to go with outfits. Ankle boots are the one for the time when you want to dress your outfit up a little bit. 

Finding A New Style 
Finding a new style is so important, because it gives you a chance to sort of reinvent yourself for the better, and to have more confidence. But at the same time, you really want to make sure that you are feeling confident. So to have a browse, simply Google the styles that are in at the minute, and see if you can find one that suits you. It might just be that you need some simple wardrobe changes to make all of the difference.


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