The A to Z of Me

When the lovely Katie who blogs at Hurrah for Gin tagged me in her A to Z of me post I was quite excited at the prospect. Katie is a fab blogger who always makes me laugh with her posts about family life with her 2 gorgeous boys.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds, but here’s a little bit about me.


A is for Art, the one subject my mum banned me from picking as a GCSE option, with good reason. I’m rubbish!

B is for Beer. The place in Devon, not the drink. We spent many summer holidays in this gorgeous fishing village as a kid and it’s still one of my favourite places in the world.

C is for Christmas. A very special time in of our house as me and hubby first met on Christmas Eve, and as a result of this had a lovely December wedding. Can’t wait to celebrate with O this year as he understands a bit more what’s going on.

D is for Dancing, I’m shit but Little O loves it and is quite a mover, especially to anything by Miley Cyrus.

E is Engagement Ring. Mine took 12 years to arrive, but was completely worth the wait! My favourite piece of jewelry ever.

F is for fish. They completely freak me out!

G is for Gymnastics, my childhood hobby. I bloody loved going, until puberty hit and dancing around in a leotard at 11 with just starting to grow boobs is just a tad mortifying!

H is for Hull! The new capital of culture 2017 and where I spent 3 years at uni. I’ll always have a soft spot for the place, despite having no reason to go back since leaving in 2001.

I is for Ice, I have it in almost every drink, drives hubby potty. Luckily we’ve got one of those fridges where you can get ice out of the door, which has only helped fuel my ice habit.

J is for Joey, my hubby is the only one who ever calls me this, and I love it.

K is for KFC, I can’t stand it, and hubby is a big fan. So lots of arguments on their fast food front in our house. I’m a Burger King type of girl.

L is for Lhasa Apso’s. Small, fluffy dogs and we’ve got 2 of them, with completely opposite personalities. Our first babies!

M is for Meatballs. My hubby makes the most amazing spaghetti and meatballs which is one of my favourite foods, yum!

N is for Norman, by beloved granddads name. He unfortunately died when I was only 14 but was a truly amazing man, who I loved (still do) very dearly.

O is for my baby O. How could it not be? I adore that little guy, such a star!

P is for Pleaser. I’m a people pleaser, some times I really hate that I am, but I really don’t like people to think badly of me so try to be nice most of the time. Really wish I had the bollocks to be a bit more direct.

Q is for Quarters, and fractions in general. I have a very annoying habit of breaking everything down into fractions. Eg. I’m a 1/4 way through my run, now 1/2 way, now 3/4 done. I can’t stop myself.

R is for Revenge (the TV programme, I’m not some crazy lady hell bent on getting my own back on anyone who’s ever pissed me off!) My total guilty pleasure and the one programme I lock myself away for.

S is for Hubby (his name begins with an S). We met when I was 16, and he was a very shy 17 year old who’d just been made redundant! That was 18 years ago and despite having our ups and downs he’s the complete love of my life and no one else has ever come close (don’t tell him that though, he needs to keep on his toes!)

T is for Teacher. That’s what I do, who I am!

U is for Understanding, I like to think I’m a pretty understanding person and always try to consider other people’s point of view. Apart from when I’m arguing with hubby when I am completely in the right and won’t hear anything to the contrary!

V is for Venice, where we eventually got engaged! Such a beautiful city.

W is for Wine, I like a glass or two (okay, or 3, maybe on a special occasion, like the fact that it’s Friday)

X is for lots of xxxxx (kisses). I love getting them from little O, and he’s recently learnt how to blow them too, very cute!

Y is for Yellow, one of my favourite colours.

Z is for zzzzzzz, I love my sleep and my bed. Luckily so does O, phew!

Thanks for reading if you’ve got this far, and I’d like to tag the following My Petit Canard, Me and My Chunk, The Reading Resident, Emma and Alfies World and We’re Going On An Adventure. If you get a spare hour it would be great to hear your A to Z.



  1. December 11, 2013 / 11:46 pm

    Ahh thanks for the love mention!
    Loved reading your A-Z, we got married in December too! Post coming up soon.
    Oh and fish. Ewwwww.

  2. December 15, 2013 / 8:31 pm

    Enjoyed reading and getting to know more about you. I love Venice, too. Though I’m quite comfortable around fish 😉

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