Forging Your Own Successful Career In Fitness

If you want to forge your own successful career in fitness, then there are a few things you need to make sure you do. If you’re passionate enough about fitness, then you should be able to use the following tips to get your career started. Whatever you want to do and whoever you’re looking to work with, the tips below can help you! Take a look and see what you can do:

Pick Your Niche

Start off by picking your niche. A niche will bring you a more targeted audience if you have a blog, YouTube channel, or use a platform like Instagram. You can also set out to learn as much as you possibly can about the niche you’ve chosen and become a real expert in it, rather than knowing a little bit about everything. You could choose yoga or pilates, for instance, lifting weights, sprinting, or circuits. Whatever you do, make sure you’re passionate about it and you feel like you can bring some real value to the lives of your followers and clients.

Practice What You Preach

Make sure you practice what you preach. Don’t tell people how to eat and workout if you spend most of your time watching netflix with unhealthy snacks. You need to make sure you’re doing it yourself and setting a good example for your followers and clients!

Don’t Be A Carbon Copy

One of the worst things you can do is aim to become a carbon copy of somebody else. There are all kinds of people out there in the fitness industry, so you need to differentiate yourself and make sure you’re authentic. Many fitness influencers are now taking on a no BS approach to combat lots of the untrue things out in the fitness industry today, such as James Smith and Grenade Jay. Then you have the female fitness influencers that focus on building their glutes, like Robin Gallant and Grace Beverly. There’s nothing wrong with being like these people if you have the same goals or want to spread a similar message, but you won’t get anywhere if you’re trying too hard to be like them rather than yourself.

However, you can definitely take some inspiration from fitness influencers and get a feel for the type of content you’d like to create. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Katy Hearn
  • Layne Norton
  • Nick Tong
  • Carys Gray
  • Elle Darby
  • Joe Wicks
  • Amanda Bucci
  • Christian Guzman
  • Nikki Blackketter

Get Yourself Out There

You have to put yourself out there if you’re going to forge a successful career in fitness. Start a blog, create a YouTube channel, and post regularly to social media. Take a slow and steady wins the race approach and create quality content that people want to read and share. If you’re consistent enough, people should want to keep on coming back to see what you have to say. However, it really does take consistency, so don’t expect overnight success.

Choose Appropriate Training

For a career in fitness you’re going to need some kind of training. It doesn’t matter how much you know or how much you’ve taught yourself, having the qualifications and credentials to back you up is key. You can look at this mobile personal trainer article to get an idea of how to become a mobile personal trainer. Of course, there’s one thing about sharing your own personal story on instagram, and another trying to help other people. If you really want to help other people, the best way to do it is with appropriate training.

Know Your ‘why’

Having a strong ‘why’ will keep you going through your training and help you to carry on when times get tough, whether your progress seems to be stalling or your followers seem to be at a stand still. You need to make sure you’re doing this for the right reasons. Perhaps to keep yourself accountable, talk about how great you think a certain form of exercise is, and make people feel like the best version of themselves. Doing it purely for money or fame is going to end in disappointment!


When you want to forge your own successful career in fitness, you’re going to need to develop some real grit and keep going, even when you’re not sure if what you’re doing is worthwhile or helping anybody. There are so many people working in fitness today, that it’s more important than ever to differentiate yourself and ensure you’re being authentic. Providing you’re focusing on those two things, your efforts should not go unnoticed.

Thanks for reading!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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