7 Quick Beauty Hacks for Always-Occupied Working Moms

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”
Coco Chanel 

Finding time for pampering yourself and practicing your beauty regime with notorious kids can be a daunting task. No wonder almost every working woman can relate to this hassle for sure. Forget about the thorough beauty regime; there are times when you can’t even think of anything but a hot shower me-time. 

The lifestyle of juggling between your presentations and preparing meals for the family is a real-time challenge that almost every woman experiences. All these factors make it difficult for the working mums to look their best. So, let’s help you get to know about the quick hacks to brace yourself for the beauty regime. 

Hack 1 – Say no to nail paint 

Let’s face the truth, chipped nail paint looks worse than no nail paint. And if you know this trick, then why not give it a try? Rather than sparing time for maintaining the nail paint you put on the weekend, skip it or go for a French manicure once in a while. This will help you make your nails look beautiful forever. 

Hack 2- Hydrating face sheet masks 

One of the biggest reasons for dull skin is hydration issues. Hectic schedule tends to hamper the water consumption of many women. The quick fix to this ever-growing problem is hydrating sheet masks. There are plenty of such products available in the market to choose from. It ensures the best hydration to your skin within 10 minutes or so. However, you have got a legit solution but don’t forget to have sufficient water. 

Hack 3 – Try your hands on a different beauty soap now

How many times have you changed your bathing soap, thinking it can show you promising results? It must be multiple times for sure. Regular bathing and beauty soaps may help you beautify your skin, but what about soothing your body cells? Here, a cannabidiol soap works the best. This soap type does not make you high, plus it comes with full-spectrum hemp components. 

Some of the most common perks of using a cannabidiol soap include – 

  1. It helps to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles appearing on your face 
  2. Works amazingly to hydrate your skin from inside out 
  3. It encompasses some good quality antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to soothe your body and contribute to your skin’s overall well-being.
  4. It helps you get rid of acne and other skin-related problems effectively. 

A note of love for you – 

No matter how intense your dark circles go or if you are able to put on mascara daily or not, remember you are the prettiest woman for your family and kids. So, celebrate it and be you! 

The final words – 

Getting ready and stepping out for your office seems to be a dream for many working moms. The reason is a hectic work schedule which often makes women neglect their beauty regime, making it worse for them to cope with their beauty issues. The solution to this ever-growing problem is some quick fixes mentioned above for busy yet beautiful moms like you! 


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