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New year, new you! That’s what most people start to think when once the bells chime at midnight on New Year’s Eve, right? Many see January as a chance to get into some healthier habits and shed some of the extra weight that they may have gained over the festive season. If this sounds like how you envisage your new year starting, then it’s worth reading through this blog post. Here are some of the healthy ways you can start losing weight.

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Always Eat Breakfast

There is a misconception that has been going around for a few years that it’s best to skip breakfast when you are trying to lose weight. This actually isn’t the case and many health experts advise that you need to always eat breakfast as it can actually help you lose weight a lot safer. That’s because eating first thing in the morning can kickstart your body’s metabolism, which can help you burn more calories throughout the day.

Keep A Food Diary

Some people find that keeping a record of the things that they eat every day can help them stay on track with their weight-loss goals. One of the easiest ways to record what you eat is to start a food diary. You can use these Weight Watchers scales to record your weight at the end of each week to see how your eating patterns have affected it. By doing this, you will eventually be able to see which foods have the biggest impact on your weight loss and those that you should cut out of your diet.

Eat A Light Dinner

Try not to make your final meal of the day the heaviest one. If you do, then all that food will be sitting on your stomach throughout the night. Not only could this be very uncomfortable for you while you are in bed, but it will make it harder for the body to digest. Instead, your breakfast or lunch should be the heaviest meal of the day so that you have plenty of time to digest it and burn it off before you go to bed.

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Lift Weights

We all know that working out is important and that cardio is the best way to get the heart racing and burn off all those extra calories. However, you also need to do some strength training in your workouts, such as lifting weights. Even though you might not get quite as sweaty when lifting weights, it’s still a very efficient way for the body to burn calories. Plus, it ensures that you get stronger so that you can perform better during your cardio sessions.

Watch Your Portions

Are you following a healthy diet but still not losing weight? The answer could be to reduce your portions. If you exercise better portion control, then there is little risk of you going over your daily calorie requirement. To make sure you still feel full after eating smaller portions, don’t forget to add plenty of whole grain carbs to your plate as well as fresh veggies.

These tips should help you lose weight safely!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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