Styling The Summer Fashion The Right Way- 2021’s Wardrobe Revision

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

With the summer season right around the corner, it has become the time to get all the coats and warm woolens out of the closet for their annual deep clean. After putting them into boxes, you can welcome the season of the warm sun with the best choices when it comes to putting your fashion foot forward. But sometimes, with time, the dressing style becomes boring and that is how styling mistakes happen. With a complete inactiveness of the past year, slowly and gradually the times are getting better and we are hoping that you may have started to step outside for all intents and purposes. This article is to help you recreate your summer wardrobe for this year, keeping in mind all the current trends and fashion choices that can help you to stand apart from the rest.

Oversized Boyfriend Jackets
No, we do not mean that you have to have a partner of the opposite sex to be able to nail this style but rather any oversized jacket would do. As a raging comeback from the retro times, the shoulder-padded jackets look amazing as it helps to cinch your waist in and helps to give the illusion of longer legs. Elongating your torso, helps you to look leaner and fitter, thus giving you quite the model-like figure. You can easily rock this look with a pair of straight-cut leg trousers or for an ultra-modern style, you can also wear it up with leather shorts. If going by the black color is not exactly your thing, then introducing some colors like powder blue, neutrals or light charcoal will be a good idea. Deepening upon your mood, you can always dress this one up or down for an effortlessly chic aesthetic.

Work Blazers
Another sartorial choice that has now become a part and parcel of everyone’s lives are office wardrobe staples- work blazers. Even if you are working from home, it is important that you look presentable at all times. For this reason, blazers are no longer being constricted to just the office spaces but also to homes as well. But again, for this stylish piece of clothing as well, you no longer need to stick to just the blacks and blues. In fact, the lighter shades of colors like pinks, corals, yellows, mints, etc. are being loved as the colors for summer blazers in light fabrics like linen and cotton. So, if you are in a frenzy to quickly put on something nice for that video call within minutes, this one here will always have your back.

Wardrobe Staples
For regular wear, for example, the most worn outfit choices are pants, skirts, shirts, blouses, and tunics. These are not only comfortable but can also be used in myriad ways to come up with different kinds of looks every time you wear them. For example, if you have to leave the house in a jiffy to meet a friend over lunch, you will want to feel easy but yet look cool. In such scenarios, instead of wearing your regular mono-colored tee, you can ramp it up with a stylish version having funky styles and patterns. For example, doodle t-shirt designs help you to stand your style apart and make your identity come across as a risk-taker and a bold individual. Whether you are choosing them in the regular or a cropped version to beat the heat, both look equally good and flattering.

Face Masks
Protecting oneself has become imperative in the times we all live in, so might as well, do it beautifully. The black masks are opaque and while giving you protection against various bacteria and viruses lurking in the air, it also helps you by protecting your skin against the sun. They also come to easily match any of your outfits without much fuss, while providing a good amount of coverage for your mouth and nose. If you are wearing a surgical mask, you can always wear these on top of them for a layer of extra added protection. For easier breathing, you can choose a silk one or for those fancy moods, you can always look for the ones having some embellishments. This is indeed a must-have accessory now and while keeping you and others safe, this one is always up for saving you from all kinds of illnesses.

Head Scarves
With this one, you will definitely feel that the 50s and the 60s are coming back in a big way. They are really amazing to be used just not as a fashion accessory but also to protect your hair against the harmful rays of the sun and the dust. You can always pick up a headscarf in silk as it prevents hair breakage in patterns of floral motifs or intricate patterns. Alternatively, you can also choose one in a dark single color with bold colors and block letters. Having one in a longer length in your bag at all times will always come in handy when you would like to cover yourself up in a hurry.

Sorbet Inspired Tones
Pastel tones have been a great hit in the past and they continue to dominate their position for this year as well. They are perfect for the hot summer months and cater to almost all kinds of skin tones. You can either go head to toe with the same shade in your ensemble or if you are a little unsure and want to play it safe, you can always choose one item in your entire outfit to create a big statement. The soft and buttery hues help to elevate the overall aesthetic factor and if trends are to be believed, they are going to remain as one of the chicest styles for the times to come. 

Even though it has been relatively a quieter time for the fashion world, yet the newer times are revealing some stylish and bold statements in the fashion world. The past influential decades are making a comeback and the influence can be seen in the fashion industry. We hope this blog post helps you to create a super stylish wardrobe of your own without a lot of effort.


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