Working Moms – Say Goodbye To The Fear Of Owning A Dog

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Rightly Said: “Sometimes the best medicine is a dog who thinks their love can cure you.” 

Keeping the above thought in mind, it’s a fact that owning a dog can improve your lifestyle and helps in enhancing mental health. But these days, as everyone needs to leave the house for work, they fear owning a dog. Mainly working moms feel that they won’t be able to take care of the dog with work, but they wish to have one, as they are aware of the fact how beneficial dogs are for a family and especially kids. 

The fear is genuine, but the families who are ready to give total commitment and know what it takes to keep a pet are already prepared to own one. As they say, nothing is impossible. The same thought goes well in this situation; it is not at all impossible for working moms to take care of a dog. You just need to keep a few things in mind like: 

Searching for the right dog

Puppies are loved by everyone and especially children, as they get a companion, a friend, and a toy to play with. But it becomes hard for a puppy to stay at home alone because, in the initial stages, they can be very destructive if left alone. But don’t worry, working mothers, as in such situations, the best choice is to go for a mature dog. If you get one who has experience playing with kids and coping on their own for a few hours a day, then that one is an ideal match for you. You must be thinking from where to get one with these qualities; well, with the help of a local rescue service, you can get the experienced dog. Make sure you get the one who loves children and is not as needy as a puppy. Yes! We know that your children must be wishing to have a puppy, but it doesn’t really matter until the dog shows love and affection to the children. They will fall in love with him/her soon. 

Keeping the dog healthy

To keep your dog healthy, you need to keep on evaluating its medical needs. Now, as you are a working mother, ask your children to take this responsibility. This activity will make them understand and learn how to become responsible. Ask them to take the dog to the vet, and when the vaccination is done, teach them to treat the dog with dog treats like cupcakes, dog ice cream, sneaker box, etc. This will enhance the dog’s love towards the children, and even the kids will know how to take care of a dog. 

Helping a dog cope when alone

Do you know the fact that even dogs suffer from anxiety and depression? Yes, they face physical as well as psychological problems, especially when they are home alone. When the dog is not familiar with your routine activities, and it’s new, then there is a possibility that when you leave for work, it will feel abandoned and may damage the furniture. This leads to an angry owner and enhances insecurity in dogs. 

This cycle of life can be very damaging, but thankfully there are medications for dog anxiety. Another perfect option is that don’t leave the house empty; make sure all the family members don’t leave the house at once. Yes, we know that this is relatively not so possible for every dog owner. Wait! Please don’t get disheartened; you can take help from dog trainers and teach your dog not to follow everywhere in the house; this will help it get used to the situation that people being out don’t indicate that they are not nearby. 

Walking the dog

One of the hardest parts that have been noticed with working mothers down owners is the dog exercise. Because by the end of the day, when they return home, the tiredness forces them not to stay active and take the dog for a walk. In these circumstances, the best way is to hire a dog walker. Yes, you read it right! There are dog walkers available who can take your dog to the walk and help in the exercise as well. If you find one that is trustworthy and can open your house in your absence to take the dog for a walk, opt for the option. This will even break the long lonely hour’s schedule for the dog, keeping it happy and lively. 

When your kids get older, ask them to be involved in some activities with dogs that will help them and the dog stay healthy. 

Advice: If you think that a smaller-sized dog doesn’t need to walk and exercise, then you are highly mistaken. As some small size dogs are very active; and they need a daily dose of exercise. 

Play with the dog.

Playing with dogs helps create a bond between family members and even helps establish a position in the family. But make sure when it comes to playing and having fun, kids go a little beyond and hurt the dog most of the time. Teach the kids that dogs don’t like anyone pulling their tails to touch their paws. It is significant that the dog must know who is in charge as it gives the dog confidence.  

Now the question arises when no one is at home, how are they going to entertain themselves? Well, do this you need to gift them some toys so that they can play with them when they are by themselves. Playing helps the dogs to work off the energy and do not convert them into frustration when no one is there. 

Final Words

Make sure you give the proper health care, proper attention, and grooming with plenty of love to your dog. It will help them to stay calm and happy even when they are all by themselves at home. They will love it when you all will be at home to play with them, and in return for little care, they will give you endless love and loyalty. 


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