5 Gift Ideas That Fonts Can Make Amazing

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

It can be difficult knowing what gifts to buy for our loved ones but I think we all love a bit of personalisation when it comes to gifts.  Not only does it make the gift unique to the receiver it also shows the giver has really put some thought into it. Now you can not only choose what wording to put onto your gift you can make it even more special by selecting the font style (and we all have our favourites, don’t we?)

Here are 5 gifts that can be personalised using fonts to make your special someone smile when they receive it.

  1. Glasses

I’m a huge fan of a nice wine glass, actually any glass, and having them personalised for a special occasion, such as a 21st or an anniversary, makes for a wonderful gift. One that will being a smile every time it is used. The glass itself can be picked up very reasonably from a local supermarket and you could personalise it yourself.

2. Clothing

T-shirts and hoodies are perfect for customising, and are very popular at the moment. I’m sure you’ve seen the school leaver hoodies that start to appear around this time of year. Whether it’s a gift or a surprise for the bride when her hen party all turn up with customised t-shirts it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd. You can pick up free fonts, decide on your favourite and then have fun thinking about the wording you want to put on.

3. Quote Prints

I have to admit I love a quote print, I have one of my favourite quotes framed above my bed and I love seeing it every day.  If you know someone who has a quote they love, or maybe a phrase that they use a lot, you could have it printed onto card, framed and it makes for a wonderful gift.

4. Bags

The options are endless when it comes to bags, whether it’s shopper bags, book bags, make up bags, there are some many types and so many ways in which they can be customised.  Plain bags can be bought cheaply and personalised using whichever font you like, but it takes a fairly boring bag into something eye-catching. It would make a wonderful Teacher Thank You gift for your child’s teacher and something to help carry all those books home for marking. It would also make a wonderful gift for a new mum to help carry around all the baby stuff she will now need just to be able to leave the house.

5. Wrapping Paper

Why only personalise the gift? Why not take it one step further and personalise the paper it comes in too. Plain brown wrapping paper is easy to pick up and you can then use your font to customise it as you wish.  You could add the persons name or fill it with Happy Birthdays, Seasons Greetings or a message that’s special to you. That’s the beauty of personalisation, the only limit is your imagination.

These are only five ideas to get you started but I could have come up with so many more. Photo frames, memory boxes, the list is endless. I hope this has given you some inspiration and would love to hear your ideas of what you would personalise to make the perfect gift for a loved one.


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