4 Great Ways To Celebrate The Birth Of Your Baby

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Nothing compares to the joy of a child’s birth. It does not matter whether you are expecting your first child or your fourth, you will want to celebrate when your baby eventually arrives.

So, with all that in mind, we have put together a list of ideas to get you started and to help you celebrate your baby’s birth 

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  1. Throw a baby shower

Hosting a baby shower is a trendy way to celebrate your new baby. This is an American phenomenon that has gained popularity in the UK in recent years, and it is normally arranged by a close friend or family member for the expectant mother.

Baby showers are usually held prior to the birth of the child. They are a great way to bring together friends and family. Everyone brings a gift for mum and the baby and expresses their congratulations on the upcoming birth.

You could always host a similar form of the event after your baby is born as an alternative to a baby shower. In the first few weeks, having a one-off hit of visitors and well-wishers may be more convenient for you than having a drip of visitors over days and weeks.

However, if you do plan to hold an event after the baby is born, be pragmatic about how long you would like people to be there.  Life with a tiny baby is exhausting, and you probably will not be getting much in the way of sleep.   When you are in the midst of the newborn period, you may not want people around all day, so put limits on the length of time 

  1. Invest in a newborn photography shoot

A newborn photography shoot is a perfect way to celebrate your growing family. For starters, babies change so quickly, and how they look one week may be completely different from the next. What better way to remember that lovely squishy newborn stage than having natural newborn photography? Memories fade so quickly but photos last a lifetime and allow you to remember that blurry stage in the future.

  1. Hold a naming ceremony or religious celebration

A naming ceremony or religious ceremony, depending on your preferences, is a wonderful way to commemorate your baby’s birth.

Many families want to hold a party like this to officially welcome their new baby into the family. The best part is that there are no rules on when this has to be done, so you can focus on your baby instead of worrying about logistics.

  1. Make a cast of your babies hand or foot

Commissioning someone to cast your baby’s hands and feet is another popular way to commemorate the birth of your child. 

The procedure is simple and harmless.   When the casts have dried, they can be framed and placed in your child’s room, maybe alongside a picture as a keepsake feature or gift.

A baby cast is beautiful to look at, and your child would no doubt wonder at the fact that their hands and feet were so very tiny when they were younger!


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