Why Get a Granny Flat

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At some point, you may have joked with your parents or grandparents about a granny flat. Most of us have. While no one wants to think about getting older, and we certainly don’t want to reach the point where our parents are no longer able to live alone, at some point, it becomes our turn to take care of them. You might not like the idea of your parents moving into your family home, but adding a granny flat, either to some spare land or with an extension to your home, can be the ideal alternative. 

However, being able to take care of your parents isn’t the only benefit of getting a granny flat. Here are some of the other reasons to consider it. 

To Increase the Value of Your Home

Adding extra space to your home will usually increase its value. A well-made granny flat will do just that. An extension, conversion, or building over a garage or other area can increase the value. But, if you’ve got space, adding a separate building, away from the main house, can increase the value of the home even more. 

It can also be a very compelling selling point if you ever decide to move. Many families are looking for an extra space for other relatives that’s ready to move into. 

To Keep Loved Ones Close

Perhaps the most common reason is that granny annexes can keep a loved one close to your home. You might not like the idea of sending your parents to a care home or even leaving them in their now home alone, especially if it’s far away from you and other family members. 

A granny annex means that your elder relative can stay close enough that you can be there when they need you, while still having their own space and independence. There is also the option to be able to bring care in to help if and when it is needed, any Australian readers may be interested to check out careforfamily.com.au to view one example of a care company that’s available to them. In-home care is something that is offered by many companies, so it’s important to do your research into the best one for you and your family. 

Of course, granny flats don’t have to be for your parents or other older relatives. Your teens might want to move in at some point, to get their own space, and explore their freedom without having to worry about expensive rents or being too far away. It’s always good to have the people that you love the most close, no matter how old they are. 

Improved Health and Well-Being

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Having your loved ones close by has many benefits. Many older adults are very lonely and struggle with their mental health. Keeping them close can improve their mental health and their social lives. You’ll have a better chance to keep an eye on their physical health, and they’ll probably get more activity coming over to see you all of the time. 

Spending more time with your close family will also improve your own health and well-being, improving your mood and putting any worries that you may have about them to rest. 

Future Possibilities

Your granny flat doesn’t always have to be a flat for family members old or young to live in. It could be a home office or workshop, away from the main house. It could be a gym or a pool house. It could be somewhere for your kids to have sleepovers or a place for you to chill out on your own. A granny flat gives you options. 


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  1. March 3, 2020 / 1:59 am

    Granny flats are popping up all over in California. I think it’s great for grandparents to be more involved in their grandchildren’s lives and visa versa. They can teach each other so much!

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