You’re As Cold As Ice, But Are You Willing To Sacrifice These Freezer Cleaning Benefits?

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Freezers are, without a doubt, the kitchen appliances that most often come to the rescue for busy mums. The ability to freeze batch-cooked meals, alone, makes this expense more than worthwhile. Love it as we may, however, many mums are guilty of letting their freezers reach breaking point. And, the results can prove catastrophic, as you’ll already know if you’re guilty of doing the same.

The simple fact is that, just like every other device in, our freezers deserve a little love and attention once in a while. In fact, you may find that clearing out those drawers to keep on top of your stock at least every three months proves invaluable. 

If you’re reluctant to add yet another cleaning chore to your rota, then keep reading to find out the benefits of getting on top here.

You never know when disaster might strike

Like any appliance, freezers have a bad habit of breaking down. Unlike in other instances, however, this could see everything in those drawers defrosting before you’ve even had a chance to order necessary parts from companies like Online Appliance Spares. If you have untold and untracked food stores hidden away, you’ll therefore face significant losses. 

Checks and quick cleans every three months can reduce the risks of your freezer going wrong. They also ensure that you’re forever on top of the food you have, without letting supplies get out of hand. As such, even if your freezer did run into malfunctions, you could rest easy that you haven’t lost as much food as you might have from an unchecked freezer supply.

Less post-shop stress

Regularly sorting through your freezer drawers also means a great deal less post-shop stress. Let’s face it; you dread cramming yet more frozen veg into those already jammed drawers. We’ve all been there, but you don’t need to suffer any longer. By instead sorting through your drawers on the regular, you can chuck old food or stuff you won’t be using, and always create space for the new. As simple as that, you can wave goodbye to the old push and shove technique that you’ve always relied on until now.

Image by Dev Benjamin: CC0 Licence

Frozen food doesn’t last forever

Perhaps most pressingly, it’s worth noting that frozen food doesn’t last forever. While the process of freezing itself does preserve food, bottom-of-the-drawer bits that you’ve forgotten for years still spell significant health risks during the cooking or defrosting process. With that in mind, you should aim to keep the majority of food in your freezer for no more than three months. Lucky for you, cleaning on this semi-annual basis provides the opportunity to check dates, and clear out the food that’s been sitting around for far longer than is healthy.

We get it; another chore is never a welcome home addition when you’re already juggling a family. But, if the freezer plays as large a part in your mealtimes as most, then getting on top here really is vital for family safety, and your sanity moving forward.


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