Budget-friendly Ideas to Decorate Your Home

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With many people spending more time at home during the last 12 months, home decorating has soared. As we move into Spring and Summer it is also a time when many think of decorating their homes. While you may not have a large budget, there are still some ways you can decorate your home on a budget at the same time improving the look and feel of your home. Below are some budget-friendly ideas to get you started decorating your home.

Paint an Accent Wall

Check any paint that has been lying in your shed and paint an accent wall. Using up leftover paint is a great idea to clear your clutter and make a statement with color in your home. It’s cheap and easy to do. If you do not have any paint left over, ask family and friends.

Sofa Update

A new sofa is a huge expense. Instead, use a blanket draped over the back or arm of the sofa to give it a pop of color. This could be a blanket you have or you could choose to buy one, they are inexpensive to purchase. If you do wish to buy a preloved sofa or update your furniture then this post on frugal ways to furnish your home is for you.


Decluttering not only gives you more space but it will allow you to play around with the items that you have. Moving items around to see if they fit elsewhere also gives your room a different feel.  

Update Curtains

Curtains are another expensive item, instead of purchasing new ones, add trim and new tie-backs to your existing ones. It’s easy to add color or sparkly items this way.


Framed pictures can be expensive. Instead, take photos with your phone and get them printed. Placing these in inexpensive frames and putting them on the wall will add a personal touch to your decoration. 

Bring the Outside In

Adding plants to your room is a great way of bringing the outside in, plants also add interest to your decoration and are good for destressing. 

Sort out Repairs

If you have been putting off repairs, now is the time to get them fixed. 

Repairs, if sorted early, won’t cost a fortune, however, if you leave them they can cause untold damage. For example, if you need a  slab leak repair, it’s important to sort it immediately, otherwise, the damage that it could do to floors and furniture is expensive if not treated immediately.

Paint Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchens are so expensive to purchase new, an alternative is to paint the kitchen cupboards. This is an inexpensive way of updating your kitchen, adding a pop of color, and making it feel like a brand new kitchen! 

Candle Holder

Depending on the type of vase you want, these can be expensive. A cheaper alternative is to use a wine bottle as a unique candle holder. Wine bottles come in some lovely shades so make the most of them by using them in different areas of your home with colored candles.


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