Warning Signs Of Canine Cancer No Dog Owner Should Ignore

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Canine cancer is more common than you may imagine. The risk factor increases with age, though younger dogs can have it as well. Thankfully, it is treatable if you get an early diagnosis and timely treatment. But most dog owners fail to detect the early signs and end up worsening the problem before they start with the treatment measures. No matter how busy you are between your kids and a job, being vigilant is not a choice. Here are the early warning sign of canine cancer that no dog owner should ignore.

Lumps and bumps

Lumps and bumps underneath the dog’s skin are the most common sign of cancer. They may for on any part, even between the animal’s toes. You must check for them regularly by gently stroking or running your hands across the pet’s skin or looking closely at areas such as toes. If you notice any abnormal growths under the skin, you must visit a vet right away. The only way to tell whether the lump is cancerous is by getting it tested.

Unexplained weight loss

If your pet seems to be losing weight without any reason, it should ring warning bells. Notice its feeding habits and check whether it is also losing appetite or showing behavioral changes such as lethargy. The problem could be serious if the animal isn’t sick or aging. It could be an indication of canine cancer, so you must get a complete health check for the pet at the earliest.

Evidence of pain

Another sign that dog owners should pay attention to is the evidence of pain. The animal may respond with sensitivity to touch, show reluctance to physical activity, or even present signs of discomfort such as lameness and limping. It could happen due to arthritis in older dogs, but there are chances that the pet may be suffering from cancer. You can look for options like cbd oil for canine cancer to make the animal comfortable. But it is vital to get a diagnosis from your vet first and discuss this therapy as a long-term treatment.

Changes in bathroom habits

It isn’t always easy for busy mommies to notice subtle signs like indications of pain and weight loss, but you cannot miss out on a change in bathroom habits. Excess urination is a sign you should consider seriously. If you notice that the pet wants to go out frequently in the evening for relieving itself, take it for a health check. Pain during urinating or defecating is another sign to worry.

Difficulty in breathing or swallowing

Dogs seldom get coughs and colds like humans, but persistent cough and breathing difficulties are warning signs you should take seriously. Similarly, you must also take it to the vet if the animal experiences difficulty while swallowing because it could be an early symptom of throat or neck cancer. Anything amiss needs to be checked by a specialist sooner rather than later.

A little vigilance can be life-saving, particularly when the disease is as serious as cancer. Never miss out on warning indications or delay diagnostic checks, even if you are the busiest mommy or daddy. 


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