Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020

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This year is particularly special because of the coronavirus pandemic that has kept many families apart. Many people have also lost their jobs while the travel and movement restrictions have lulled the holiday celebrations. Therefore, gifting your loved ones will hold a special place in their hearts during this festive season.

Finding the perfect gift in 2020 can be an overwhelming task. Your gift must be thoughtful and reflective of your relationship. The following are the best gift ideas for 2020:

Stylish and Customized Face Masks

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift that speaks volumes about your love, then go for a stylish face mask. A face mask shows that you care about the receiver. A quality and reusable mask will ensure that you are safe during these hard times while also protecting others around you. A monogrammed mask with a touching message, picture, or emoji is one of the best ways to show your affection. Add some colors or a funny message and go for a sleek yet functionally effective design.

A Cozy Outdoor or Indoor Hammock

In a world ravaged by a pandemic, those cozy naps in the afternoon breeze can feel like a mini Caribbean holiday. With many holiday destinations closed and travel restricted, you can create a little vacation experience at home. Buy your loved ones a high-quality hammock with a large load capacity. Help them recreate those sandy beaches in the backyard or deck. A hammock is ideal for snoozing, reading, or just hanging out with friends.


Flowers are the most versatile gifts. A stem of roses or lilies will always remain relevant during Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any other day. Visit a florist and get the best flowers and floral arrangements that convey your desired message. A thoughtful and customized wrapping will do the trick. Accompany the flowers with a simple and short note. Ensure that flowers are fresh. Consider enlisting the help of trusted professionals if you can’t personally deliver the flowers. Fig & Bloom can deliver flowers on the same day without ruining the reason for the season.

A Custom-Made Jewelry

Few gifts speak volumes like a custom-made minimalist necklace or bracelet with a touching message. Whether you opt for a ring or locket with a memorable picture, always do your homework before spending your hard-earned dollars on a jewelry piece. A piece of minimalist jewelry is versatile and goes with most styles and clothes. Visit a gift shop and have multiple messages included in the necklace. Alternatively, you can have the messages engraved on a bracelet. Include a beautiful wrapper or gift box. You can have the present delivered via courier services.

Antique or Handmade Clock

An antique or handmade clock is a great way to gift your loved ones in 2020. You can add unique designs, beads, shapes, and forms to underline your message. Clocks are timeless gifts that highlight the longevity of friendship and love. An eco-friendly clock made from cowrie shells and starfish will allow you to impress your friends while also conserving the environment. The key to gifting your loved ones in 2020 is being intentional. Let the clock you send miles away to your dad or mom speak of your intent. 

A Unique Experience

Despite the challenges we face in 2020, we can still enjoy a unique experience. You can pay for a hot air balloon experience or even a massage. If your friend or loved one is an adrenaline enthusiast, you can gift them a skydiving or whitewater rafting experience. A friend or parent who loves concert music will enjoy the experience of attending a virtual concert. Giving your friends and family a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy these experiences is one of the best gifts in 2020. You can even give the receiver the freedom to choose an experience-based gift.  

Subscription or Membership Gift

Every year we make resolutions and set New Year’s goals. Many people plan on joining gyms, lose weight and remain fit and healthy. Others would wish to join a book club. However, financial constraints have hindered us from achieving these goals. Paying for your partner’s gym membership fee is a great way to express your love and support. Sometimes paying the subscription fee for audiobooks or music services might be all the gift you need to touch the hearts of your loved ones.

An Income-Producing Asset 

The coronavirus pandemic has underlined the need for multiple revenue streams and more rainy-day funds. Securing the future of your friends and loved ones with an investment in a passive income-producing asset is a great way to help your friends secure their financial futures. Invest in stocks or shares in your friend’s name as a gift. Alternatively, you can support your loved ones by helping them raise enough funds to open an investment account. 

Airline Tickets

Many of our family members and friends dream of going on a holiday. However, financial constraints have dashed such dreams. Airline tickets may be too expensive for your friends to pay. One of the best gifts you can offer such friends is paying for airline tickets. Facilitating a family member’s dream of a memorable holiday to a destination of their dreams is an ideal gift for 2020.

A Pet

Pets are good for companionship and health. A dog can add to the vibrancy of a home while also providing a much-needed companionship during these tough times. Gifting your family members or friends a pet is a great way to show your love and care. Know the pet preferences of the recipient beforehand to avoid those awkward moments of gift rejection.  Gifting your friends and loved ones is a great way to show your love and care. The thought you put in a gift underlines your appreciation for the relationship. Some gifts, like flowers, are timeless. Other presents are suited for specific seasons. Christmas is probably the most romantic time of the year and more suited for unique and thoughtful gifts.


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